Last night she tried to come over me during my meditation session, however I fell asleep during it; it sometimes happens you just have to let it be. My lover decided to show up again early this morning after returning from the washroom and getting back in bed. She gave me some very loving and sensual feelings, that were not sexual at all or very minor; it was instead very sensual feeling and was all about love and feeling close. It felt very warm and intimate and was a very nice way to start the morning and the start to a New Year eve’s day.

During the meditation I was given two different visions or images in my mind. The first vision was of two lovers, one was a young girl with heart tattoo on her shoulder. She was blond, slim and fair skinned. The other lover looked like a representation of me. They were in a love embrace and had their arms and bodies entwined with one another. The second vision was of her on top of me laying on me starched out naked and making love to me.

The overall feeling and message that I took from the visons was one of love and that everything is going to be okay and get better in the future for me.

I kept hearing the song “O-O-H CHILD” by The Five Stairsteps on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie soundtrack. I heard it again when I had a discussion with the wife when I was standing up for myself and deciding not to go out to the bars and drink this New Years. She did not like this much at all. I felt sad and heartbroken that I had to make this necessary move for myself; as I know that my changing and awakening was and is hard on her.

At lunch time I had a little mediation session and she came over me again, with those same loving feelings. She actually made me cry as I told her that I loved her and thanked her for being in my life. I reminded her that I was not going anywhere not matter what, as long as she was not going anywhere either. This was yet another beautiful moment between us for sure. After this she came over me very sexually at the very end of the meditation session and I swear it was a minute before the alarm went off singling that I had to go back to work. She is a little flirt she is; I think she did this as told her that I missed the sexual aspects as well. That or she is giving me taste of what is to come in the New Year and hopefully starting tonight.

She has been very active and loving all day and it boarder lined on sexual assault at work this afternoon. She aroused me by giving me kisses and some pinches in my private parts, which made me laugh and smile; I guess she figured I needed this most I guess. It think she is reminding me that all that I am going through is necessary although very painful and that she is there for me supporting and loving me all the way.

Bottom line of it is that things are going to get better and easier for me. She gave me that song in my head and I think she in fact wanted me to share this part with you and encourage everyone that things in 2015 are only looking up for us and in our relationships with our lovers. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!

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