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I am just an ordinary guy that had an extraordinary otherworldly experience.  Who then felt compelled and driven to write about that experience and share my new found bliss with the world.  What started out simply as a personal daily journal to keep track of and record my contacts with my spirit lover, soon turned into a unplanned book series consisting of three books highlighting my personal spirutal evolution.  I did not start out with the intentions of writing one book, let alone a series of them.  However very shortly after I started writing and keeping my personal journal, it became apparently clear that I would indeed be doing just that.  I feel that these books are the result of direct intervention in my life by Source, with inspired thoughts and a big push from my spirit lover to help make this all transpire and maniifest into reality.  The experiences that I have undergone and the efforts that I have undertaken in attempting to build a closer and stronger relationship with my spirit lover, were intended and guided by Source/Creator from the very beginning.  They were meant to be shared with all those that have eyes and ears to hear the messages contained in these books.  

She has been with me every step of the way, guiding my hands as I typed away for hours on end, watching over my shoulder ever so diligently, patiently and faithfully.  She was my muse, my editor and my guide and will forever be the love of my life in this world and beyond into the next.  Without her I would have never contemplated or completed such a grand task.  To that I say a great big "thank you and I love you to her!"


I hope you enjoy reading about my very real, very personal and very intimate story; as it could soon be yours to tell as well.



***Proceed With Extreme Caution***

Please be advised that this site contains graphic adult content, is of a controversial nature and is intended for an adult audience over the age of eighteen.  Some visitors may find the material offensive, disturbing, frightening and not suitable to their tastes. Please be aware that by even entertaining the mere thought of these sexual spirit lovers, by visiting this website and by the very act of reading my books; that this may be enough to initiate a spontaneous and unwanted contact from these sexual spirit lovers and possibly other spirit types.  Please ensure that you’re ready for and want this in your life before proceeding any further.


I make no endorsement, make no claim, make no guarantee, offer no warranty, or except no liability to the effectiveness of the rituals, the accuracy of the material provided, the links provided on this site, or from any other sources that you may reference in your search to obtain truth and understanding in your life.  I make no claims, make no guarantee, offer no warranty, or except no liability that your contacts will be the same as mine, or if any contact will be made at all, should your try and reach out to one of these sexual spirit lovers.  I make no claims, make no guarantee, offer no warranty, or except no liability for the effects that making contact with these sexual spirit lovers may have on you, your personal life, or on the people and world around you, should you be successful in making contact with a sexual spirit lover.


With all that legal stuff being said and out of the way,  I now say welcome to my site!  Please remember to read my blog, join the live forum and leave feedback; as I would love to hear from you.


Enjoy & Welcome...


In Universal Peace, Love, Light & Bliss!!

Atkin Michaels



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