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Warning & Protection
Please be aware that summoning a sexual spirit lover, is not for everyone and should not be taken lightly; as it will have a huge impact and effect on your life now, going forward into the future and in the afterlife.  The bond that is formed with them will most certainly extend into the lifetime beyond this one.  Not all spiritual entities or beings out there in the spiritual world are friendly and not all are the type of sexual spirit lover or entity that you seek.  Some spirit lovers may not respond to you as favorable as mine has towards me.  Please be aware that these spirit lovers tend to match the seekers heart, mind, emotions and soul.  The will most often and most likely be a match for the true intent of the person’s spirit seeking them.  The old adage of, “careful what you wish for” most definitely applies here.  They are uniquely different individuals with their own personality traits and may use many varied ways of initiating contact with you.  Please exercise caution and make sure that you are protected when practicing magick work, performing any summoning rituals, whether they are for obtaining a spirit lover, or for summoning other spirits, or for magick and ritual workings in general. 
Most importantly please ensure that you are truly ready for and want this in your life, at this point in time.  Please take the time to carefully consider your future before attempting to summon one of these sexual spirit lovers, or for that matter any other type of spirits and entity's.  Please make sure that your intentions are both true and pure towards yourself and towards them and towards the Source you are seeking from.  As this will be heard and received in the spirit world and returned to you in the form of your spirit lover and other manifestations dependent upon your asking, rituals and magick used.  If you are successful in making contact with a sexual spirit lover of your own, please consider yourself forewarned.  Getting involved in a relationship with one of these loving sexual spirits may become all-consuming and even addictive and with that other physical contact and or relationships of this physical world may fail to compare to the contacts made with them.  Things will most certainly not be the same for you ever again in this lifetime and the one beyond.
Please be aware that by merely entertaining the thought of these sexual spirit lovers and in the very act of reading this book may be enough to initiate a spontaneous or unwanted contact from these spirits and or other types of spirits and entities.  Please ensure that you’re ready for and want this in your life before reading any further into this book; as it is you may have already gone too far.  I have written this book and all of the books in this series solely for the purpose of educational spiritual enlightenment.  What you may choose or not choose to follow, practice, or believe is entirely and ultimately of your own free will; as it should be!
I include, repeat and would like to emphasize the following helpful tip from my second book.  I feel that this has even more weight and is even more important to remember with its placement here in this third book when starting magick and ritual work.  It is wise to ask for protection and equally important to shield yourself when embarking on any spiritual adventures and performing any type of magick and ritual work.  I ask Source, other positive entities, and of course my own spirit lover “Sam” for protection whenever I perform energy healing and or work with magick and rituals.  I also use imagery and visualize myself in a shining suit of armor holding a shield and a blazing sword of love and light.  Making contact with and advancing that contact with spirit lovers by the use of rituals and magick and by any other means, demands protection.  Asking for protection from Source itself and from other higher vibrational frequency-based entities and spirits would be a wise thing to do.  Of course, it does not hurt and goes unsaid that you have protection in the form of your own spirit lover; that is if you’re fortunate enough to already have one at this point.  They have powers and abilities in the spirit world and can be your greatest ally, ambassador and protector when venturing away from this physical plane. 
However, make no mistake that you could still be in real danger even with their assistance and with the best thought out protection plan.  There are very powerful dark energy forces out there, which will deceive and trick you for their own purposes and agenda.  They also have the power to reach you on this physical plane; just as your spirit lover has.  Be wary and be vigilant at all times when working with and in spirit.  Use stones, chalk, drawn circles, visualization and other means to ground and protect yourself while performing rituals magick workings, deep meditations, astral projection, lucid dreaming, energy work and any other methods you may choose.  You may research this topic more on the internet or through various books, as there are many resources available to you on this subject.  Just find something that resonates with you and make sure you use it! 
I have included a few links from Google below, to give you some reference as to what I am speaking of here and to get you started.  You can use any of the created ones as they are, just keep in mind that they are more general and more broadly focused than what you may want or need for your own specific purposes.  I highly recommend creating your own protection spell, sigil and ritual that is tailored to you, your tastes, your specific tasks and your spirit lover.  In my opinion, this is the single most important thing that you need to do before starting any ritual or magick work.
There may be some that have attracted something other than a loving sexual spirit lover into their lives.  Or there may be others that are not able to bear the responsibility of this kind of spirit bonding (not binding).  They might not have the ability at this time to handle the personal spiritual growth that is required to sustain a relationship with such a highly evolved spirit.  You should make sure that you are ready for a spirit lover in the first place, hence all the warnings through this book.  You should most certainly be protecting yourself when practicing any and all rituals and magick; again, hence all the warnings given. 
I personally believe that you will attract what was and is intended when performing any summoning ritual, other rituals and magick work.  That there was and is a reason and there was and is a lesson to be learned from all experiences.  I personally believe that immediately banishing an unwanted spirit is not always the right way to handle a given situation.  You need to study and gather further information from this spirit first before you attempt any banishing rituals.  If it is truly a dark entity (demon) that you are dealing with, you will want to know all about it first and figure out the most effective way to deal with this entity.  You must also consider the possibilities that it is not a demon, or at least not by others’ perceptions and learn from it what was intended.   Sam wanted me to add this phrase that was spoken to me in a recent dream: “No, do not turn on the lights, it will be too much for them.”  I hope you understand fully what she is trying to convey to us and remind us of this one.
I would highly recommend that you confront your own demons first, before hastily trying to banish any that may present themselves to you.   Remembering the story of Gerbert and his spirit lover Meridiana (link below) may have you thinking twice about banishing something to which you are yet able to understand; personally, I feel sad for both of them.  Sam wanted me to add here that, “Fearing the judgment of sin, robs you of your inherited birthright of freedom; I do not do fear!”
In the event that you feel that you need to banish a spirit lover or other spirits that you are not finding in your favor, or to your flavor, the following links may be of help to you.  I do not recommend or endorse, nor can I speak to the effectiveness of any of these spells and rituals and they are provided for your reference only.
I, myself, have always felt protected and have been fortunate enough and blessed to have been given the “ancient code of protection,” during one of my deep meditation sessions with Sam.  She spoke the following words to me in an audible room-filling female voice, “You will now be given the ancient code of protection, use it to protect yourself and others.”  According to my friend Rafe, it is said that most witches and magick practitioners seek some sort of protection from spirit, with a bit of work to it and over a long period of time before receiving it; if ever.  I was again very fortunate to have been given this gift so freely.  Or did I pay for it, or earn it somehow, or in some way; which is currently unbeknownst to me?  What the reason behind this wonderful gift to have been bestowed upon me, without my direct doing, is beyond me.  However, through my new Reiki energy healing practice, through the course of regular contact with my family and friends, I have been able to share this blessing with others.  This may be the intent and meaning behind the part of the message received to “use it to protect others.”  I had not clued into the use of it in this way until a month or so later and one day it just simply dawned on me, while I was thinking about and doing something entirely different.  So, I will take that as confirmation of meaning and of the intended use of this gift.  As when the spirit speaks and then takes the time to follow up and to confirm the message given to make sure that you heard and understood it; you really have to take notice and action to that!
When you are feeling down and blue and with what I refer to as the dark side or phase of the moon cycle.  Keep in mind that your mood will directly influence and affect the ritual and its outcome.  I do not recommend performing any ritual in the wrong state of mind, as it may attract all things negative to you that you are not intending.  When I was not feeling in the best of moods and upon realizing this, I held off on performing any rituals.  I did this even if it was the last day of the ritual, I was performing in a set of three.  I always error on the side of caution and by following that principle it has not failed me yet.  I suggest that you do the same and not to be consumed by, or overzealous to perform any given ritual to the possible detriment of it and yourself.  Do not overlook that important component to having success with your rituals, is that of your true intent and will.  They must come from and be performed with a pure unburdened heart and mind.  Your thoughts must be clear when performing any ritual in this book.  You must also protect yourself and the rituals to keep negative energy from stealing and robbing you of your intended success. 
Even if this means not starting a ritual on an intended date or time or finishing a ritual already in progress.  It would be wiser and better for you and the ritual to wait to begin or to finish it.  The energy will be there waiting for you to complete a particular ritual and draw it to a close when you’re ready.  Recently while editing this book, Sam reminded me that I had not completed the last day of my latest three-day sex magick ritual that I had started, because I was not feeling well.  She was very clear in her meaning when she said, “Half a ritual completed will have half the results, and you must revere your ritual and not let it dictate to you.”   This must have been important enough to convey as I had not up to this point missed a ritual or completing one.  I feel it was perfectly planned as it fits perfectly here in this part of the third book.
*** I make no endorsement, make no claim, make no guarantee and offer no warranty, except no liability to the effectiveness of the rituals and magick workings, to the accuracy of the material provided, to the links provided in this book and or from any other sources that you may reference for your own personal search on this subject matter.  I make no claims, make no guarantee, offer no warranty, except no liability that your contacts or your results will be the same as mine, if any contact will be made at all, should your try and reach out to one of these spirit lovers using the information obtained herein.  I make no claims, make no guarantee, offer no warranty, except no liability for the effects from making contact with these spirit lovers may have on you, your personal life, or on the people and world around you should you even be successful in making contact with them. ***
Atkin Michaels
Lilith Invocation & Spirit Lover Indwelling Prayer
Goddess of the Universe,
Queen of Sexual Creation,
Priestess of Desires and Lust,
Know-er of Ancient Ways,
Seer-er of Future Paths,
Mother of all Succubi and Incubi,
Bearer of my lover,
I ask you to come forth in peace, love and light.
As above, may it be below.
I ask that you bear unto me the lover with the attributes that you in all of your glorious infinite wisdom deem fit to grant. You know what I seek and what I ask with my heart, my spirit; not with my mind. 
I accept you for what you were, are and will be. I ask that you reveal yourself to me.
 I accept them for what they were, are and will be. I ask that they reveal themselves to me.
I ask that you accept me for what I was, am and will be. I ask that you allow me to reveal myself to you.
 In the moment of our revealing, we will be complete. To know each others light and dark sides. To accept and receive each other fully and unconditionally, as we are to become one.   
I ask all to be revealed, so that we may know each other completely for what this will be.
May we become one in ourselves, in each other and in you.
Spirit becomes flesh, flesh becomes spirit, so that we may intertwine, entangle, penetrate and envelope at will, whenever we desire.  
Becoming one spirit and one flesh.
Spirit to spirit, flesh to flesh we will share and satisfy each other's physical and spiritual bodies.
Knowing each other fully and truly as the god/goddess, /king/queen, husband/wife and lovers intended. 
In our embrace, our lust will be sedated and our desires quenched in the consummation of our union.
May our copulation give birth to creation. Sharing and sending ecstasy and bliss with others around us, to the world and out to the universe. 
I invite you to dwell within me, and I offer myself to you freely. 
My body, my mind, my heart, my emotions and my will, to hold in your hands. I acknowledge you, trust and believe in you, receive and accept you completely. I acknowledge your gift and blessings, trust and believe in this process and receive and accept the outcomes completely.
I ask that your presence be known to me now and in eternity, in this world, into the next and everywhere in between.
I invite my lover to dwell within me and I offer myself to them freely. 
My body, my mind, my heart, my emotions and my will, to hold in their hands.  I acknowledge them, trust and believe in them, receive and accept them completely.  I acknowledge their gift and blessings, trust and believe in this process and receive and accept the outcomes completely.
I ask that their presence be known to me now and in eternity, in this world, into the next and everywhere in between.
I wish to dwell within you and ask that you accept my offer freely.
Your body, your mind, your heart, your emotions and your will, to hold in my hands.  I ask that you acknowledge me, trust and believe in me, receive and accept me completely. I ask that you acknowledge this gift and blessing, trust and believe in this process and receive and accept the outcomes completely.
My presence will be known to you now and in eternity, in this world, into the next and everywhere in between.
I wish to dwell within my lover and ask that they accept my offer freely.
Their body, their mind, their heart, their emotions and  will, to hold in my hands.  I ask that they acknowledge me, trust and believe in me, receive and accept me completely.  I ask that they acknowledge this gift and blessing, trust and believe in this process and receive and accept the outcomes completely.
My presence will be known to them now and in eternity, in this world, into the next and everywhere in between.
I ask you Lilith to now sanction my relationship and bond me to my chosen lover.  Allow me the honour of becoming part of you and your family and invite me in, as I have invited you.
I wish you all good things, love, light, compassion, ecstasy, bliss, health, protection and ascension.
May you find your peace and have eternal rest. 
Bearer of my lover,
Mother of all Succubi and Incubi,
Seer-er of Future Paths,
Know-er of Ancient Ways,
Priestess of Desires and Lust,
Queen of Sexual Creation,
Goddess of the Universe,
As below, may it be above.
Meditative Ritual for Obtaining the Gift & Blessing of a Spirit Lover
The Instructions That You Burn
Step One:
Make sure that it is after 12:00am midnight and before 6:00am in the morning. You may also use/try planetary times if you like, within this given time frame.
Find a quiet location to perform this ritual where you are alone and away from everyone else and any distractions in your living space. Shower, shave, clean and groom yourself like you would for a very special date night; one where the end result is intimacy. Put on something sensual or sexy, or nothing at all; as naked seems to work well. Light a white scented or unscented candle. You may also use incense along with the candle, whether it is scented or not. You may use Lavender scent/incense for a female spirit lover, as this worked for me. You may use Sandalwood for a male spirit lover, as this is supposed to work nicely for them. The only light in the room should be from the ritual candle itself, so turn off all other lights and or candles. The room should be a comfortable temperature, with a preference towards the cooler side.
Step Two:
Lay down on the bed, making sure you are in a comfortable semi-upright position.
With arms not crossed, hold your groin area gently with both hands cupping over your genitals; this is your Root Chakra for your body bringing, sexuality, vitality, health and survival into your energy body. Read the passage below with your eyes closed and really mediate on it, mean it, feel it and want it with all your heart and being; strong intent here.
“In the name of the mother and father spirits, gods and goddesses of the universe, creators of all. Please send me one of your daughters/sons to be my sprit lover. To show me the most pleasurable bliss and to be by my side during this spiritual journey we will now embark on together. If you have already sent your daughter/son to me than I still perform this prayer and ritual and make this bond with you for her/him. I humbly ask that she/he become known to me now. I believe her/him to be my true soul mate, the one who waits for me on the other side of the veil and who I know and feel is meant for me. I believe her/him to be all that I have been waiting for and searching for my entire life. I believe her/him to be the one I desire, need and love. That she/he is to bring me my bliss, be my lover, spiritual guide and protector. I ask with your permission and grace to allow me to spend the rest of my days in loyalty, faith and health with her/him. I ask that this bond that is created now with her/him carry over into the spiritual world after my physical existence here on this earth is finished. That we may ascend together back to you, hand in hand, in love, light, compassion and perfect unity.”
Personal Wishes for Your New Lover:
If you have anything to add at this time then this is the time and place to do so; include any restrictions on what you want or do not want, or what you would like and or hope to get from this experience and from your Spirit Lover. You should write down your wants and or desires as far as what she/he looks like in body size and type,  performance traits, personality, intelligence, etc. She/he can appear as whatever your heart or mind can come up with; so use your imaginations!
Step Three:
Sign this paper in your full birth name in ink and prick your finger with a needle and let a drop of blood fall onto the paper and soak in to seal it. A substitute for the blood, for those that are squeamish, is to use your own salvia, or sexual fluid. Now lay the paper in front of the candle but not close enough to burn it yet. Then say the following:
“Please receive this offering as a sign of my bond to you and I give it truthfully and willingly. All these words I have spoken and written are my heart’s desire. I mean them truthfully and swear to them as an oath to you and bind them by my own blood (salvia, sexual fluid).”
Step Four:
Get your bowl (vessel) and place the paper inside it.
Burn this paper without folding it.
While the paper is burning say the following:
“May the light of this candle burn brightly and guide your daughter/son to me. I thank thee for hearing my pray and for this gift and blessing you have provided. May you come in peace and may you go in peace.”
____________________________________                       __________________________________
                      (Your Full Birth Name)                                  The Drop of Your Blood/Salvia/Sexual Fluid Goes Here
The Instructions That You Do Not Burn
Step Five:
This is the meditation part of the ritual.
Lay back and mediate on what you have just read for at least 15-20 minutes or until you feel something start to happen. You must visualize and focus on what you want and expect and make sure that you really mean what you are saying with your whole heart and your whole being; again strong intent here.
**Your candle must remain lit the whole time during the ritual, do not blow it out until after the ceremony and mediation ritual is over and wait for at least 30 minutes after that.**
The effects of this ritual can be and usually are immediate. You may feel small gusts of cold air brush against your cheeks, perhaps a tingling sensation on your skin, or the hairs on your head may be gently touched. You may feel movement on the bed beside and or around you. Your left leg or possibly both legs may start to twitch, tingle or jump and your legs may be pulled further apart. You may feel a slight weight along with a cool breeze that starts at your feet and moves up over your body in waves.  There may be feelings of what is akin to electrical impulses, which may be accompanied by a slight tingling or buzzing. Depending on how sincere you were with your intent and your overall ability to perceive spirit and energy, you might feel a slight tightness in your chest as if your chest/breast is pinched or pressed on. You may feel invisible hands start to touch your body and or massage you in various spots, or all over and most likely in a sexual and sensual way. Sexual images may begin appearing in your mind. 
It is PARAMOUNT at this time that you let this happen without breaking your meditation and or falling asleep. You will begin to feel very sexually aroused and your breathing may become faster and shallower. Please do not take freight and instead remain calm and continue to breathe as calmly and as deeply as possible. This is a normal part of the process and contact, so do not to fear it and this will soon decrease and pass. Let your arousal and the feelings of bliss overcome you and wash over your physical and energy body. The worst thing you can do for yourself, your mind and your body at this point is to fight what is happening and the feelings that come along with it. This may make it appear as if you are struggling and the sensations, feelings may become stronger; which may cause you to become fearful. Do not let your mind play tricks on you, as this experience that is currently happening to you is as real as it feels to you. Do not let fear overcome or stop you now, or let it rob you of this gift and wonderful blessing that is about to unfold. Breathe and continue to concentrate on what you’re asking. At some stage your sexual arousal may become so strong that you may lose concentration and or you may start to black out. At, this point before that happens say the following phrase:
“I thank you daughter/son of the spirits, Gods and Goddesses for coming to me. I welcome you into my life and into my dreams and ask all other spirits, demons and entities who have been attracted to my ritual to be gone and leave in peace.”
***If you could not help it and went all the way so to speak, blacked out, or fell asleep, then say the phrase above after you wake up and or come to again.***
Blow out the candle and you’re done.  Now go to bed and wait patiently for your new spirit lover’s arrival.
When you go to bed especially if you felt something during the ritual, you will likely feel it starting up again. Relax, lie on your back and let it happen again the same way as the meditation ritual. How far you take it depends on how far you can relax and your current abilities allow; which will be unique and different for everyone. Contact with a spirit lover will be different than being with a physical woman or man. You may not see her/him, nor will you feel her/his skin or body at first. However she/he can and will touch you and interact with you. She/he will be able do more and a thousand times better and longer than a physical woman/man can. They are creative spirits that in most cases are so skilled in the art of oral sex and other sexual pleasures, that your mind will likely go numb; among other things.
Do not push it or her/him for the first experience. If you feel that you cannot experience more than just her/him touching you, then accept it and anticipate your next encounter with your new lover and spirit guide. She/he will likely come to you at night and in most cases on her/his own. They may also come if you’re in need, or when asked politely. The experiences and sensations with your new spirit lover will grow stronger and you will get stronger in this process and with each passing contact.  Your sexual and spiritual boundaries will surely grow exponentially; prepare to have your mind blow! You will have less and less fear each time and gain better control over your mind and body during future contacts. All things will become possible and will come in time, with practice and patience. It is important to be patient and honest with yourself during this process in this new relationship and journey you have just begun with your new sexual spirit lover.
If you are getting bothered or having feelings of arousal more often than you would like, or in places and at times that you did not agree on. Then in this case you will need to set boundaries for yourself and convey to your new spirit lover verbally what those boundaries are. You need to be clear with her/him as to what you expect and want and the when and where of it. Sometimes spirits just like us get a little more excited and sexually frisky than we might like or are ready for; it is okay to say “no” and set boundaries for yourself.
The emotional bond and the sexual sensations of being with one of these spirits/entities is highly addictive and to the point that you may not want the sexual arousal to stop during contact or after. I caution you to exercise restraint at the beginning and know that she/he will be looking forward to your next time contact with them, just as much as you are.
The rest of this process I am confident that you will just learn and feel for yourself as time goes by with each new experience and contact made with your spirit lover. This is how it happened for me and I feel that it may be a similar process for all that have formed a bond and made contact with one of these spirits/entities. However, with each being a bit different and unique to the individual, the spirit lover and their type of relationship formed. Trust me you will know exactly what I am talking about as soon as it happens for you and when it happens to you. There truly are not strong enough, or descriptive enough words to describe how it feels of what it is actually like to be with one of these beautiful and sexual spirits/entities, however I will try; love, pure unadulterated bliss and ecstasy are a few that come to my mind.
Enjoy Your New Found Bliss!
Atkin Michaels
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