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There has been some interesting times for me since my last post and so much that I wanted to post..but now I will just have to summarize to much to write about. We had our one year anniversary on October 5th. She has been with me constantly now, since I have given in to the idea of knowing instead of expecting from her. The moon phases or times of day do not effect her presence with me at all. She very carefully, smartly and sweetly confirmed for me over a couple of days and different events that it was her all along in my process and she has been the only one since the beginning and will be the only one for me. I had wondered for a long time if I had more than one lover coming to me. So it is my Caroline for me. She has been in my dreams and I have had a few very erotic ones and a couple of lucid ones with her. She has woken me in the middle of the night and started to kiss and play with me sexually. She has poked and pinched me at work and aroused me to the point or almost no return. She has been working with me on my mediation and ritual practices and feel her now working with me on astral projection. She has given me odd and strange answers to some of my of them being..Why are there not very many of us experiencing love and bliss with their own spirit lovers? Her answer to me was that not all are ready and or awake and some are sick and or something is wrong or broken with their DNA. Or was it that there DNA is not active or alive yet? Anyway this answer of hers just made me ponder more and ask more She has been getting really close to me as I perform more rituals and get better at my meditation and visualization techniques. I have also been spending more time doing this and with her. She gave me some very erotic and sexy images in a burst of fast flash images the other morning and I felt as I could almost see her as she made her presence known. She has spurred my interest again in picking up my work and finishing the second book and working on my website and my social media sites again. She also showed me how to redo or re-advertise my first book to gain more interest in it, as currently only sold about 20 copies and gave about 5 away.

She said very clearly in my mind "Hi Mike" one night while meditating and the the next morning I heard her say "Hi Mike" again more audible this time in the room with me. She has such a sweet voice!! Then the other night in a very vivid..not quite lucid dream..she took me to a wedding and I believe it was of one of her sisters and someone asked when her and I were getting married and she replied in about a month..which confused me..because I thought that we were already married as I pointed out in my book; however I am starting to think that we may have just gotten engaged back then and this has been the engagement / testing portion or time in our relationship and we are about to be married soon. I am not sure on this..however this is how it feels anyway. We are in a very comfortable place and she I have recently found out wants me to be kinder and more loving to my wife and not so bitter and that she is okay with us and that she wants me to help her instead and that all will work out as meant to be in time and in the end. Well that's it for me right now..would like to have posted more details on each one..however again with the site down for awhile I could not and this is better than nothing. I am just happy to be posting again allowing us all to connect, share and grow.

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