SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX...she gave me a short version of what you got the other day really intense dry orgasm felt like waves and waves of pleasure...then went on to get odd pleasurable kind of sensations in my stomach and heart/chest area..which I take it must have been the chakra orgasms you were referring to..however it stopped there and did not proceed any further I did not reach wet orgasm and for some reason decided not too.. despite being super super aroused...despite my begging for only lasted maybe half an hour after what was maybe a half hour of baby loves the foreplay and always takes her time coming over me...sometimes I almost give up waiting for her or for the contact to get stronger and then BAM!..there she is..she always starts slow and finishes Anyway happy and hopeful for more..big smile on my face!! She is poking my foot and ruffling my shirt now..time for bed me thinks and baby if your listening I am game for more of that good loving!!

Well she gave me a little more yesterday in the middle of the night..she just came over me when I woke up in the middle of the night and returned from the washroom. It was a mini one again with one nice body spasm and then she just cuddled with me the rest of the night and then during the day she was so so bad and lets just say it is good that I have a desk Then last night same thing happened got up in the middle of the night and then when I returned she was there and came over me hard and fast and gave me one small and then one really large body spasm and then she was doing something down there that felt oh so good!!..and then she just cuddled with me till the alarm went off and I had to get up for work...and then she was naughty again at work today but not as naughty as yesterday...both nights lots of electric kisses and then warm watery sensations on my fun parts, felt warmth and weight on my body and images in my mind...very very pleasant to say the least...she kissed me a few times and brushed me cheeks at work yesterday and today as if I am lucky and correct she is gearing me up and preparing me by giving it to me slowly over time so I guess I can handle it better or easier..maybe she talked with Katkatir's girl (which we think are sisters)and thought she better not do the same to So all and all is good and very happy..and in love!!

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