I had a couple of dreams in the past few nights that are interesting and thought I would share... I had a dream where I was in a room with my wife (I think it was my lover). When I took a look outside the front door there was a bear outside and I was concerned it was going to come inside. So I ran back inside and grabbed a gun and hide behind the wife was laying beside me on the bed..I was ready to shoot and kill this bear (I have a big fear and a great respect for bears)..anyways it came inside and started to come towards us..I put the gun up and pointed it towards it as it came nearer...the gun did not fire correctly and I did not hurt it..the bear then smiled and looked at me as it turned into a young boy and smiled at me before turning around and leaving. I then heard a loud commotion outside where I thought others were being hurt or something was going on...I went outside and when I looked it was a celebration the lesson that I received or learned from this was that you can not judge things on first takes time to get to the true meaning behind things...I think this directly applies to me and my relationship with my lover..and you may be able to relate to this as well.. The second dream I was shopping in a mall again with my wife (again I think it was my spirit lover)....I do not know what we were shopping for..however I went up to the counter and started to talk to a man there...This is when I felt something warm and wet in my groin area..I thought maybe I had to pee and that maybe I had wet my pants..then the feeling started to get a little more intense and sexually arousing..I started to get an erection right there and then...I turned away from the man at the counter and walked away trying to cover my growing wife joined me in the mall area and I at this time had a large and hard wife was laughing at me and I was laughing as well however I was feeling embarrassed at the same time....I woke up in my bed at around 5:00am to find that those sensations were very really and my spirit lover was busy having her way with me..there was some very intense sensations that followed after..I did not get back to sleep after this...A very pleasurable way to wake up and start the day for sure...

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