Last Chakra Open

The other morning during a meditation lover came over me and started to love me and kiss me all over...then I had another mini sexual experience with waves of pleasure come over me...then the contact turned more spiritual in nature..with her touching my eyes and head...I was off in another dimension or place while looking out into vast dark space through my third eye..when I felt pressure in my head and then a sudden feeling of clarity and a lightness to my head and what felt like my mind or skull open up and a breeze of air on my someone or something had just opened up my mind or skull..very interesting feeling..I would say If I had to guess that my last chakra has just opened the feeling was odd like when my other chakrs had opened up...each feeling different...however the same in the sense that something had happened and had changed..all I can say is cool and I am excited and looking forward to what this means and may bring for me...thanks babe and thanks universe for this and for her!!

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