Last Night’s Episode December 17th, 2014

It was a wow kind of night after I went to bed early to meditate and thought that I had a very intense contact towards the end. It felt like there was energy charging up in me or all around me and was causing some discomfort and restlessness and I could not wait till the mediation session was over. After it was done I turned over and went to sleep relieved that that was over. I was then woken up in the middle of the night around 4:00am after the dream I had below to my lover coming over me and with some pretty intense energy as well. This time there was some sexual energy and arousal to it. Then it went just like before, however it seemed I could handle it more this time. There was ringing in my ears and a slight vibration to my body, this went on and off with rising intensity off and on for maybe a half an hour. I also felt energy or pin pricks or pokes on different parts of my body. She touched my eyes and kissed my lips a few times. Every time I lost my focus on her or what as happening she gave me reminder with a pinch or a poke. She also seemed to use the sexual energy to keep me interested or maybe level in the moment and focused so the contact could last and did not go further than this it would seem to rise and then subside as required or as I lost focus. I think that she was trying to get me to go astral with her and there this sexual energy may have gone further or she was trying to show me something else. I do know and feel that it was all about getting me into the astral plane with her and that this part was not all about the sex. She has been working on this with me lately and I must say I felt hat I am getting close. I did notice that my third eye seemed blocked this time as I tried to focus on it and it was not responding. So maybe there is a different process and technique to going astral. Anyway was super excited by this prospect and look forward to more. Then around 7:00am I woke up again and went to the washroom and she came over me, well in this case under me and gave me some sexual loving feelings and tingly hugs and kisses to say good morning. I am a bit tired and bewildered this morning and taking a bit to get settled back to the physical world and my current reality. It was one awesome night for sure.

The dream I had that I was put on a throne by some people and given a bright, glass like almost glowing staff that was three pronged and had a spiral to it and a rounder more central handle to it and was about three to four feet long. The funny thing was that I seemed to recognize it and remember it being made and how to use it. I knew that it was a very powerful weapon with great destructive powers. They also arranged and rearranged the thrones position and some other things in the great room. It seemed as if they were getting ready for something with great haste. Then after sitting me on the throne and placing the staff in my hands a large space ship overhead appeared and then a few of their peoples embassaries came to see me.. I did not get the since that they were overly peaceful and there felt like there was a threat in the air and it felt like we had meet them or experienced their presence before and it did not go well and I remembered the destruction they caused. This time it felt like we were ready and prepared for their arrival and knew what to expect and was not taking any chances.

She gave me a playful and clever formula that is similar to Einstein’s energy/mass formula which is MC=E2 and in this case it means Me plus Caroline equals eternity forever. Or maybe it means more and rivals his formula for scientific importance and I will be famous for

Working on making a self-bow and one step in the process is called tillering the bow. This is where you start to bend the bow and see if both limbs are bending equally and if there are weak spots or strong spots that still need work to make the whole bow bend evenly so it will not break when put to full stress when finished and ready to fire. This is how she explained to me the process of what is happening to me and the steps to getting ready to receive her and all the gifts the accompany her. If I am not tested and perfectly made I may break when the full strain of the energy and power she brings is finally revealed or given to me. Maybe she is truing me into a…she kissed my lip playfully when I wrote that as she knows I am kidding around here.

Wisdom and words received:

Breath stay focused in the moment and do not focus or concentrate on the sexual aspect so much as it is a catalyst only and also do not concentrate too much on anything at all or what is happening, leave space for it to develop and happen on its own.

All is possible and will be possible just believe it to be

Visualize, accept, wait, receive and thank; that simple

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