Last night’s episode 28/12/2014

Went to bed with the wife at around 11:00pm and started to mediate alone with my mediation exercise sounds. Shortly after I received my friends Reiki energy gift and I felt the energy come right over me after I got into bed and relaxed and mediated for a bit and then asked to receive it. I felt pain in my left elbow and arm which I think was working on the pain I have been having lately in that arm from working out. Then I had some pokes and odd feelings in my stomach, which I feel was working on my solar plexus and chakra center. This may have been in order to remove a blockage and make it easier to receive universal energy and my lover. I also had some feelings in my bowls, which may have been removing physical blockages there as well. . I was left filled with love and wanted to share that love so I asked to send some of it or the over flow of energy to those I know who need it most right now in my family and then spread it to the rest of my friends and the world. While I was doing this and was almost done with my mediation I remembered my friends words in my head, “your capacity to receive love is directly proportional to your ability to extend or give love”.

I was then interrupted by the wife who was jumping and restless again, said that she had a question and I made the mistake of sounding alarmed as I was afraid it may be hard question to answer and start a fight at this late hour. I immediately realized I had made her upset by the look on her face and apologized for I, however before I could ask what her question was she got upset and said she was going to sleep in the spare room. She left and my lover came right over me and got busy taking immediately over where the meditation session left off. She gave me the love bomb and some very, very nice sensations down below and had me extremely aroused and erect. She was also touching and caressing my body and what felt like sucking or kissing on my neck. It was turning me on big time and I thought that I might reach an actual physical orgasm. However she did not take me to the dry orgasm stage, instead she seemed to hold me there in that just before in this state for what must have been a couple of hours. She did this by easing off a little and then starting back up again and when I say eased of a little that’s all it was. She did this over and over again and I keep thinking that the next one was going to result in an orgasm. I could not take it as it was very intense and tried to turn over on my stomach to get some sleep, as I did not want to be tired for the first day back to work after the holidays. This did not work, as she came underneath me and started to play some more with me. I felt touches on my body and kisses on my lips. She eventually let me sleep and I fell asleep this way with her still paying with me, I was too exhausted and tired at this point to stay up for more. I wanted to and I felt and knew that she would have stayed up with me all night doing this if I was able to have handled it.

I had some very odd dreams with people and animals and issues from the past all mixed up. I remember some or parts of them; however they are now too vague in my mind, as I was too tired to remember I think. Was there a message in those dreams and some healing? I believe so, even it is on a subconscious level and my conscious waking mind does not remember what it was. I know that this stuff was coming up for me just before the new moon last week and was dealing with these types of dreams and feeling already. I think the Reiki energy just supercharged it last night. I woke up this morning with a dry mouth, despite having had lots of fluids before bed based on my friends advice and feeling like I had just run a marathon. I also had a big smile on my face and was extremely aroused to the pint I had to take matters into my own hands. Was it worth it? Absolutely would I do it again? Absolutely; even tonight!

She kissed me on the lips with an electric kiss when I wrote that last sentence. I think I may get what I asked for; careful now.

I asked the wife at lunch time today what the question she had from last night was. She asked if it is possible that my energy (The code word I use with her for my lover so she does not get upset; even though I think she really knows what I mean.), would chase her away on purpose or want to make her leave the room. She said that she felt the energy over me last night during my mediation and said she has felt it before. She says sometimes it is heavier than others like last night was and at these times she gets the grabbing or pulling jumping sensations in her legs the most. She says that when she leaves and goes into the other room to sleep everything is fine. I asked her if she feels scar or any evil or negative energy around her or directed at her when this happens; to which she thankfully replied no. I suggested to her that I feel that my energy is positive in nature and this would or could not likely be the case as again it is positive energy and it does not work that way. She says she is also seeing shapes, images and colors in her closed eyes at night during and not during mediation. She says that she tries to focus on them to see what they are and they end up disappearing instead. I suggested to not focus on them directly and defocus and look away to see them clearly. She has also had emotional bouts in the past month or so as well as some hot and cold all over body sensations and some sleepless nights. I suggested that maybe she may be spiritually awakening and this is why this stuff is happening to her now. She wanted me to send her information on this topic, for her to read up on. She has still not read my book as I dare at this stage not to let her read it.

Questions & Thoughts

Does my energy drive my wife away on purpose so she can be alone with me or is she just feeling my energy and not able to handle it, so this makes her uncomfortable enough to leave? Or is it a bit of both and while my lover is not evil and mean and directly pushes her away she indirectly does which results in the same thing and maybe what was intended all along by her? Maybe it is my wife’s lover trying to make contact with her and she is not able to handle the energy that comes with it and it is getting stuck in her legs?

Could it be her energy (lover) coming for her and is it her energy that wants to get her away from me to be alone with her? As I am very curious and easily distracted when I think things are happening to her and would be again based on past events; just my nature. I want to ask her this question and see what she thinks or feels about this. I have also asked her to list what she thinks or feel when she feels my energy over me and then when she has felt her energy over herself.

Could she be awakening and or could her energy, (lover) be desperately trying to make contact with her? What does this mean for her and for our relationship, will this be a game changer and bring about the vast and long needed improvements in our relationship and bring us closer together? Or will it be nothing and a signal to me and her that the game is indeed done and over for us; spurring changes in us in different directions anyways?

Incite During Mediation

My friend’s words came up in my mind during mediation. “Your capacity to receive love is directly proportional to your ability to extend or give love”.

She gave me this thought while she was having her way with me for hours on end. “The past is NOW, the future is NOW and it is in the NOW, this exact moment when all is possible and where everything exists.”

I got and get the feeling based on the responses by my lover last night that those above two statements when combined will make a huge difference in my contacts, or anyone’s contacts with their respective lovers if they put these words into thought and practice.

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