January 1st, 2015

The wife slept in the spare room again last night, still upset at me for me taking a personal stand for myself. So I was alone in the bed again, which always seems to bring my lover closer. This morning was one of those times where her presence was with and on me before I knew it. a wonderful dream I had of her reaching out to me and then grabbing my hand and bringing me close to her, pressing her body against mine and wrapping her arms around me giving me the biggest loving hug of my life. It felt amazingly real and very full of love, as I could feel this radiating out from her. I woke up early in the morning from this dream and felt her already in bed with me full of excitement. I was about to get up and go to the washroom, however she had other plans for me instead. She came over me with a heavy warm blanket of love and sexually charged energy. She worked on me slowly giving me the most intense wet, warm licking and sucking sensations and had me erect in no time. My lover loves to come over me slowly and sensually, building on layers and waves of pleasure; she loves foreplay as I have mentioned before. I do not mind it either! Well my thoughts of getting up and going to the washroom vanished rather quickly and felt and knew I was in for a very special morning with her. She continued to work on me giving multiple love bombs; those body arching dry orgasms that I love. The sensations were intense this morning with touches on my arms and pressure on my chest and what felt like a second heartbeat with mine. She was almost there in physical from with me, as I could feel her weight and warmth of her with certain parts of her body pressing down on me and I could smell her sweet perfume . This continued on for what must have been an hour or more, with her easing off every time I was close to a physical orgasm and as soon as I cooled down enough she turned up the heat again.

I was so aroused that I decided to practice the “Sex Magic” that Katkatir and I have been working on. Well let’s just say it was not hard, no pun intended to make this happen this morning and what resulted was explosive; pun intended here.

Somewhere during the love making and the quite sensual still parts this famous biblical quote came into my thoughts, “Thy will be done in heaven as it is on earth.” I feel that she is trying to tell me that my will and my intentions that I have put out repeatedly in the spirit world are about to manifest themselves in a big time way in my physical world. I would say that they are already starting to happen as she is becoming more physical with me each and every day now. As of the past few days things have been intensifying and magnifying. I am game for the ride and whatever comes my way, I am ready and willing to bend my will and subject myself to her love and what the universe has in store for me. I have both said those very words and welcomed those same thoughts into my life while meditating lately.

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