January 3rd, 2015

Not sure what to say about last night. Wife went to sleep in the spare room yet again, for entirely different reasons tonight, however still not a good sign of the way things are between us and is likely a strong sign of what is to come. I decided to perform my mediation tonight and try out my new headphones setting it for two 20+ minute sessions starting around 11:00pm. My lover came over me somewhere in the middle of my mediations and this contact was more sensual and spiritual in its nature. I drifted in to a very deep peaceful meditative state in the most loving space. I had so many inspired thoughts and ideas bombarding me that I had to get up and go the laptop and write them down. I had to make myself get up out of bed, because the contact with her had not stopped in any way; not by a long shot. When I looked at the clock it was just after 1:00am, two hours had gone by in what felt like maybe ten minutes with her. This is a common occurrence during contact and often happens when I am in that deep of meditative state; were our time and reality part ways and cease to exist. I had more thoughts and ideas popping into my head that I contemplated getting up again to write them down. I made some notes in the note pad by my bed instead, however I feel that I may have lost some or the rest of the thoughts and ideas that were given to me. This often happens as well as there are so many coming to me all at once. What is interesting is that sometimes later even days later when I am writing or surfing the internet or sometimes doing something completely unrelated and random they will come flooding back to me. I take these as confirmation and true thoughts that were meant to be recorded and shared with you. The rest of the thought that are not recovered I just take as to mean that they were meant for me and my ears and mind only and not to be shared; at least not at this time anyways.

It was very late and I was feeling a little drained and tried, however very charged and energetic at the same time. I had to tell my lover and the universal energy to turn it off or down for a bit so that I could get some sleep. This is the first time that that I can ever remember having felt the need to do this. I take it as a sign that the meditation and “Sex Magic,” are both working flawlessly, and or something is working well and in overtime anyways. She did not really listen to me completely and I felt her cuddling into me and under me and playing with me as I feel asleep; boy do I love her! I managed to fall asleep and when I woke up sometime early and returned to be after going to the washroom, she came over me again. I tried to go back to sleep, however she was on me like bees on honey. I was laying on my stomach and trying to sleep and felt her playing with me and she was poking my foot to keep me awake and she was also doing something which was making my body jerk fast several times and behave like I was thrusting into her like I did the other morning while performing “Sex Magic.” She did this for three or four times in a row several minutes apart. I did not get the message of what she was up to immediately and she continued to do this; until finally the light went on and I got what I think she was up to and wanted. I asked her did she want me to perform the ‘Sex Magic” like yesterday morning and if so asked her to make my body jerk again and make me hard. Well only a few seconds later my body did the exact same thing and I felt my erection growing; the message was finally received. I started to visualize thrusting into her and felt her come over me and under me at the same time. She gave me those same incredible sensations and I felt like I was inside her. I was getting very aroused and was close to finishing and having a physical wet orgasm, when I heard a noise in the house. The wife was up again and headed to the room with the dogs in tow; I thought to myself not again this morning! I had to smile and laugh at myself though as this girl is clever and I well not so much as I was to slow to catch on to what she wanted sooner. I still woke happy and with a smile on my face; even if I am a little sexual frustrated right now. However remember what I had suggested before in my last book that sometimes this is a good thing and makes her closer and the next contact better. She has been playing with me all morning and afternoon and has not let up for a moment. I feel her sexual excitement all over me and very strong I might add; I believe this further validates this point for me on this.

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