January 4th, 2015

Well this contact was another wow one. The wife went to sleep in the spare room yet again last night after we had stayed up late and watched a movie. I was really tired and I think a little burnt from the past few days of very strong contacts. I did not even think about meditating and instead decided to try and get a good night’s sleep. I felt my lover come over me and she just cuddled into to me and there was no real sexual arousal that accompanied her presence. I soon fell asleep and had a lovely dream of my lover trying to get me to pay attention to her when there was a crowd of other scantily glad woman around us at some type of lingerie show. Why would she take me here or why would I be here and especially how was I supposed to keep my eyes off them. However I somehow managed to divert my eyes and attentions from them out of respect for her. I was sitting by three women and one of them was talking up a flirty storm to me and then I heard my name announced over the PA and was told that this woman was to be mine. They said her name out as well and the woman looked at me and corrected the announcer to the pronunciation of her actual name. It was sounded like “Lorna” or that was it; not a hundred percent sure on this. My wife was there and she seemed to be surrounded by her own group of people and a few men. She got up to go outside for a break I presume to have a smoke and she signaled me she was leaving and goodbye. I got up from my chair a few moments later to see if I could go find her outside and when I looked outside threw the windows I thought I saw her with within the crowd and she looked happy. Instead of going through the door to outside where she was I instead turned to the left and went through a door into a long hallway; it felt if I was taking my own direction or path and we were not going to see each other again and I felt sad however I did not feel an overwhelming since of grieve and instead almost felt calm and at peace with this. This also seems to coincide with my wife telling me that she has been recently dreams of not being able to find me and looking for me. I am not sure if this was a prophetic dream of things to come, however given the recent events and the wife’s dreams and our past history, I am not sure I can so easily dismiss this entirely as just a coincidence.

Woke up early in the morning and went the washroom and felt my lover come over me again when I returned to bed. She gave me some playful touches; however I was still really tired and fell back to sleep again. She must have known that I was exhausted and let me have my rest, as she often does; she is very respectful this way.

Woke up later to an odd alarm like sound that was heard I swear audibly in the bedroom. I woke up looked around puzzled still and checked the time it was 9:30am. I lay back down in bed again when I could not find the source of the noise. She came over me this time very strong and I thought things were going to get real sexual. However instead she came over me with a blanket of love and had other plans and or another agenda for this morning’s session. She just lay on me allowing me to feel her presence and her warmth and weight with some lovely touches and some vibrations in my groin area. This put me in a very relaxed mood and good mind state to meditate. I started to breathe and relax my body more and got into a deeper state. This is when she came over me a little sexually and started to arouse me. So I stopped as I thought that she wanted me to perform the “Sex Magic” with her this morning. However this time she seemed not to do it to get me sexually aroused as I tried to masturbate and found that the energy was not the same and I got the feeling that it meant something else this time. Instead it felt like it was done to get my energy up to go deeper into mediation if this makes sense. Well it worked and as soon as I relaxed my body again and got back into the mediation session I went deeper and to a place I have only gone briefly before. I drifted in time and space and I sense I was close to reaching astral projection as the bed vibrated and I heard ringing in my ears. I saw swirls of colors that changed and then turned into the grey wall that looks almost like a static screen noise on a TV, expect darker grey and more organized or patterned, if that makes sense. This is where I know I am starting to see with my third eye and I concentrated on the image before me and it was if I moved closer towards that wall. I could see colored swirls on light on the other side trying to come through, or I was trying to see through it. It quickly turned to solid black with a white haze outlining my vision like I had googles on. I saw a dark image or shadow on my left corner of my eye and a bright one on my right side and saw lots of pin lights like stars in the night sky.

This is when I started to see things, starting with a very large symbol that looked to ancient and make out of maybe bronze. It faded out of view and was replaced by other images one after the other, there was the image of a fishing net under water, a woman’s face that looked like my lover from my dreams on a giant move screen and she smiled at me. Then the most interesting of them all was when the image of a little girl with long curly brown hair in a hospital gown lying in hospital bed looked at me and asked “will you help me.” I immediately felt saddened by the site of her in this state and her words, even though I did not recognize her as any one that I knew. I answered her of course and said some kind of mental prayer and sent her healing vibrational energy and love. There were other images that appeared to me in this state, however I do not remember them all now and especially after that last one. When I finally came back down I checked the clock and it was now 12:30pm, over three hours had gone by in what felt like maybe ten minutes or so. I lay in bed and felt my lover come over me again; however I am sure that she was with me the whole time during this and she again laid on me with that blanket of love. I guess my lover had other plans for our contact this morning ad what she wanted to show me or work on. I woke up feeling a little drained, however happy and I have been thinking about experience and the meaning of it all day. What do I call this one anyway; as it was not astral or maybe it was, maybe a veil visit or in mind experience, not sure what to call it really.

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