My spirit lover Sam spoke to me in a digital sounding female voice this morning. She spoke the single yet powerful word “reverence" to me. Now the word may be simple enough; however like everything else that she has taught and shown me I feel there is more to this and means more and is more complicated than the word itself. How this word applies to me in my life and what it means for her and us is the real mystery here. Am I to be in awe and reverence of her, or is she possibly in awe and reverence of me? My buddy Katkatir from and I were chatting on Facebook about something along these lines the other day. We discussed the possibility that spirits; which likely include both of our own spirit lovers, may come to learn from us. Although we may see ourselves as the students, we may in fact also be the teachers in some regards and that spirits might learn as much from us as we do form them. This would make it a more equal and symbiotic type relationship than we might have first thought. So I guess it is possible that spirits can or could be in awe and reverence of us mere human beings; go figure!

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