"Elsewhere" Where Dragons Roar!!!!!

Sam had me under her seductive spell this morning. The wife slept out on the couch with dogs last night,as she could not sleep and did not want to disturb me. My spirit lover took this opportunity to come on to me all hot and heavy like. She held me down and played with me both sexually and sensually for hours on-end this morning. I was pressing up into her and she was pressing herself back down into me. She took me to that special place that my friend Rafe from... and I refer to as "Elsewhere." I have had the pleasure of visiting this place before while mediating and like those other times, I heard a dragons roar again this morning. I think that she was very close to me and this physical dimension and I was just as close to her and her dimension, or both and all at the same time. This place and this feeling that she pours over me is very hard to describe and put into words. I am also not truly sure where this "Elsewhere” actually exists; however I do know that it is a really great place to go and especially when she is there with me.

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