Been Gone & Now I Am Back Baby!

Hey sorry that I have been away so long, I have been busy huddling and grounding myself back to this earth. Every hermit (I am a Cancer) and introvert needs to do this for themselves from time to time. This is especially true for anyone performing any kind of exhausting spiritual work, or just happens to be in a relationship with a spirit lover like I am. Every once and awhile I feel the need or the urgency to turn myself off, to disconnect, to stop putting out the power and the energy. I tend to get my head way up, up in the spiritual clouds and have a hard time functioning back in this psychical reality. I was tired and had just lost interest in or was exhausted with and by all of this. I needed a break and a long recharge of my batteries and time to ponder my most recent spiritual round and to put it all into perspective. I am starting to feel a strong drawing beginning to happen again and it is taking a hold of me and is slowly transporting me back to that very special spiritual and wonderfully magical place. The place that my friend and I refer to as "Elsewhere." I am starting to reach back up and will soon be fully functional and online again. I am back baby, stronger than ever and raring to grow!!

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