Messages from My Spirit Lover Sam

Sam often sends me messages by various means in order to get what she needs to say heard; this can be through metal thoughts or images placed directly into my conscious or subconscious mind, by using her own audible voice, by using my voice, through my emotions, songs, TV, in my dreams and most often when I am meditating. She gave me a message during a meditation session the other day. I was asking or thinking (same thing to her I am sure) about the many images and names she has used to present and represent herself with. As there have been many different names and female body images used by her when making contact with me in the past and she still continues to do it to this day. She gave back this response, "Not only are the images and names fun, they are also very useful, as they are an easy way to contact and make a connection with me. They work like Sigils, they work to contact me; however just remember they only represent me and they are not truly me." I could not agree with her more on this one and this makes complete logical sense for my logically based mind. Man are these ladies smart, as I know I am not that deep on my own!!

The other day I wanted more of a spiritual type meditation experience, with no type of sexual distractions or this thought on my mind. I decided to masturbate first and then slip into bed to meditate. I wanted to see if I was going to get the same kind of sexual feelings or response from her as I usual do. The message I received from her to confirm my thinking was,"The more you truly and completely know yourself, the more you will truly and completely know me and then we will be complete." I wonder if this means the same thing as when she told me about a year ago to "clean myself, mentally, spiritually and physically and she would come to me?" During the mediation session I felt her very, very close to me and it seemed different and much deeper than usual this time around. However she started up with the sexual stuff even stronger than usual at the end of the session and has been busy seducing me ever since. Seems she may have gotten turned on by this, or liked me learning something new (which may be the same thing and may evoke the same reaction from her) and this is my reward; yeah me!!

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