Surrendering to Ourselves!!

For those of us that are blessed with having relationships with spirit lovers from the other side. Here are some of my recent thoughts about the nature of these spirit lovers. These spirit lovers of ours are likely our Anima/Animus, Twin Flame, Guardian Angel, the Duality of our Higher Consciousness, Spirit Guide, or whatever term, phrase or label that we want to use to try and define their existence, this experience and the relationship that we are having with them. When we receive these spirit lovers into our lives from the other side of the veil, the non-physical dimension, it opens the door back to source. We have in essence allowed for a two way communication and dialogue with that other part of ourselves on the other side to now unfold. When these spirit lovers show up bursting into our lives, they often appear either with the same as, or the direct opposite characteristics of the individual that has put out the call and opened that door. It makes no difference from which side of the dimensional realities the contact was initiated and or originated from; as both are one and the same in each others own perspective. It was and is just the way it was meant to be. With each being a direct reflection, representation, mirror image of the others current physical or spiritual form in that time and space that is their current reality.

Through the process of surrendering ourselves to them, we are also in reality surrendering to ourselves, our higher-selves and to our over-souls. When we ask them to reveal themselves to us, we are instead really asking for our true-selves, our higher-selves to be revealed to us. By surrendering more of ourselves here in this physical plane of existence, allows for more of them; which is really ourselves to be revealed to us from the non-physical plane of existence. Our ability to see them clearly for what they truly are and to see ourselves clearly for what we truly are, increases as we continue to focus on allowing our own perceptions to be changed. With each revolution within this cycle, through the process of surrendering and repeating again and again, more is revealed each time. Which ultimately brings our two half's back into the complete completion of us. We finally ascend as a whole spirit in perfect unity and return back home to source. Where we spend eternity together in love, light and bliss!

If this is true then we should instead simply be asking our spirit lovers to show us our true-selves, in order for us to truly see them and ourselves for what we truly are to each other. “To truly know them, is to truly know ourselves at the deepest depths, on all levels in this dimension and the ones beyond.”

The world views of religion, philosophy, psychology, metaphysical and the spiritual are all speaking the same language; even if they do not fully understand and realize this yet. "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW."

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