Dreaming of Elephants!

I had my first ever elephant dream last night, or well it was the first one that I can remember anyways. There was this large shaggy grey haired elephant travelling along with me; going not sure where? This elephant felt very familiar to me (which I felt/sensed was my spirit lover) and I was at peace with its presence around me. I felt/sensed that it was female and very gentle/light in nature. As we were walking along it left me in a big hurry and disappeared around the corner of a building. Curious, I went to take a look to see where my new friend had gone. When I peered around the corner of the building, I saw her starting to face off against a large black elephant that I felt/sensed was very negative/dark and male in energy. Just as they made contact I suddenly woke up in bed without getting to see the outcome of this dream and what was surely an epic battle.

Why is all of this significant you might ask? Well with all this elephant imagery lately and with my avid collecting of elephants since making contact with my spirit lover almost three years ago. Along with the fact that I have dedicated a whole shelf for her spirit home and that shelf is full of elephants of all shapes, sizes and made out of many different type materials. Now combine that with this recent dream of mine, a first with elephants in it. I am beginning to feel that there may be more to this than what I have seen/sensed on the surface. I am starting to think that it is possible that I heard an elephant’s roar and not a dragon’s roar while I was meditating those times many months ago.

I guess my lady is protecting me in my dreams as well as in my waking life and she just wanted me to know that. I have to love her for this and I am grateful that she is protecting me.

An elephant (spirit lover), is truly a worthy alley to have indeed!!

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