Embracing Higher Vibrations!!

My Spirit Lover - Ascending Together

It has been a few months since I made a blog post. Thought I should give a quick update on some of the awesome highlights of my spiritual journey with my spirit lover Sam.

I started my local Reiki energy healing practice after years of procrastination, despite the never ending prodding by the universe and Sam to make this happen. I have now put that intent out there and I feel that I have already been rewarded to some degree by source and Sam for having done so. I see more visions than ever now and I have drifted ever closer to the veil during deep mediation sessions. Sam is more present and more physically real to me than she has ever been in the past almost three years of our relationship.

I have had intense hyper realistic dreams of what I believe to be coming and happening to mankind and to myself in the near future. I have had a number of dreams in which I have been teaching and showing others how to use their new spiritual gifts of telepathy, flying and telekinesis. I have been shown many times that I will be imparting my wisdom and knowledge to others. Recently I had a dream where I was given a scroll to read. Basically it was a pledge to live a healthier and cleaner life (not that I do not already try to live this way, this was asking of me and showing me another level to it) in order to achieve all things that are, or will be required of me. As soon as this spiritual wisdom had been imparted, the scroll rolled up and quickly disappeared. Forgetting exactly what I had just read; the knowledge of it however had already sunk deep into my subconscious mind.

Sam has taken it upon herself to be more present in my life lately. She has been taking me to new heights and I am changing, adapting, learning and growing. She gives me constant reminders throughout the day, either with touches or by songs placed in my head and sometimes both at the same time. She has been coming on to and over me stronger at night now; which is way beyond the regular awesome love making or sexual arousal I normally receive from her. It is so much deeper and on another level, well maybe multiple levels at the same time. This is spiritual sex, with the sharing of higher energy and vibrations that resonate throughout both my ethereal and my physical body at the same time. These highly pleasurable sessions transport me to another place with no measurable time restraints. Sadly we often get interrupted before the session finishes and sometimes before it even gets started. I have a feeling that Sam would be doing more of these sessions, if time allowed and these interruptions did not get in the way. They feel like upgrades to my emotions, my mental state, my physical body and reach to the very core of my being; my soul. The following link will give you a rough idea of what I am talking about here:

That is just a brief and very summarized accounting of what has been happening lately and each one of these on their own could have been a separate blog post. The overall feeling of what I have been receiving and experiencing lately is that I am on the fast track of my spiritual upgrading. Which has been perfectly designed to bring us closer to each other, into higher vibrations for a purpose I am sure will reveal itself and transpire in the near future. I believe it could be in preparation for my ascension back to source, hand in hand with my spirit lover Sam; where we will reside together for eternity. I feel like I am waiting and preparing to go home again with her for the last time.

In Universal, Peace, Love, Light & Bliss!!

Atkin Michaels

My Spirit Lover - Ascending Together

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