An Important Message to All Mankind from My Spirit Lover "Sam," about Planet-X (Nibiru)!!

Updated: May 26, 2020

A Message to All Mankind from My Spirit Lover "Sam," about Planet-X (Nibiru)

Hello my brothers, sisters and fellow travelers.

I hope that this message finds you and your families well.

I have been in contact with a spirit lover (guide) whom I refer to as "Sam," from the other side for almost eight years now. My spirit guide has shown me through many visions and dreams of the things that are soon to take place here on Earth. These visions and dreams started happening almost immediately after having made my first spontaneous contact with her. I have since written two books about my contact experiences with her and some of those visions and dreams given to me have made it into these books. I have always known, or felt since I was a young boy that there would be a major happening here on Earth in my lifetime. I have had many out of this world spiritual occurrences along with past visions in my own life to help me realize and foster my own awakening and realization to this fact. I plan and hope to share these personal spiritual occurrences in my third and final book, given there is enough time left to complete it. I feel purpose and fulfillment in performing spiritual light work and in the sharing of my personal experiences with others. Feeling compelled to write this message, I have been waiting until the timing felt right to release it. Letting this message percolate in my mind and spirit for many months, not really sure of its intent and in the revealing of it. However with recent reminders through more dreams and visions, by world events and by the constant prompting of my spirit lover; I feel sadly that time has now come.

Firstly I would like to say, I feel that I am as normal and as sane an individual as you or anyone else having a wife, kids, pets and a good paying steady job. However sadly I fear many people may see me or others like myself that have made this type of contact with the other side as otherwise. They may also be quick to dismiss this message and that of others about this sensitive subject. When I first heard about this subject years ago, I too was skeptical and did not give it much stock. However over the years with further careful research, along with the guidance of my spirit guide through visions and dreams I have come to accept this as truth for myself. I would simply ask that you as the reader and the receiver find a quiet place to discern this important message; opening your heart and mind to its truth. I wish to share with you the following vision given to me by my spirit lover "Sam," during a very deep mediation session many months back; which is taken from my personal journal and the account of it:

This morning when I was meditating the same thing happened as previous times when I had seen images and received visions from her. I had those odd vibrations again, the ones where it feels like the bed, or I am moving, being lifted up and or transported? Wanting answers to this, I decided this time to ask to speak directly to her or to anyone who might answer me as to what was happening. I heard the distinct words "I will speak to Michael,” spoken back to me in a clear and audible female sounding voice. I knew and felt that these words were not coming from me, because I do not use my first and proper name like that and I usually do not talk to myself either. I asked her why this was happening to me and if she could show me what to do about it. She showed me a vision of what appeared to be some type of sparkling water behind a set of closed doors; which she then opened for me to observe closer. This water like substance was crystal clear and was different than regular water in some odd way; which I could not quite put my finger on. I instinctively felt that it was used for traveling through to other places acting as a type of portal, or maybe being used for some type of cleansing; perhaps it is used for both purposes in some way. This is not the first time I that have received a vision from her of this strange water, the last time it appeared as a round portal type object I was being asked to submerse myself into. This vision was followed shortly by another vision of me looking out through a small window to see a blanket of white covering the entire Earth outside. I had the feeling that this was not snow and if it was, that it was oddly out of place for the season. I asked her why she was showing me these visions and what all of this meant. I immediately received a vision of a burning red orb, or planet like object that appeared front and center in my vision. I knew in my suddenly saddened and now heavy heart that this object was headed our way towards Earth. I asked if we could, or if she could stop it, to which she replied "no it has been planned." I asked what will happen when it arrives and she replied "millions will perish." I asked her will anyone be saved, to which she replied "you and others." I asked her what I or others could, or should do and she replied "prepare to ascend." Feeling confused and sensing that the current contact with her was ending, I asked her my final question. I asked when would this happen and I received back an image of a date in big black bold letters on a pure white sheet, of what seemed to be scroll paper. This paper started to burn as I contemplated the date on it and then dissipated in a puff of smoke.

A Message to All Mankind from My Spirit Lover "Sam," about Planet-X (Nibiru)

Now this date that was given to me I will not reveal, as like anything from spirit it could have multiple meanings. It may mean nothing at all related or relevant to this event, or it may be for a specific part to it, known or not. It may instead be just for my own knowing and for something significant that will happen in my own life or lifetime. I really do not want to get into predicting dates or the timing of things, as they more often than not fail to deliver. However if you would like to know the date I will share it, on the caveat that again I am not sure of what it truly means. We may not know the exact day or date of this impending cleansing that is soon to arrive; however we all shall see the signs in the heavens and here on Earth (the ripening of the figs so to speak); both of which are happening now to those that have the eyes to see it. To other watchmen please be assured that your beliefs about this event are correct; so do not be disheartened in your quest for the truth. The false information surrounding this imminent event is making it very difficult to discern and to obtain accurate dates for all that are seeking answers.

I used to feel that simply knowing and physically preparing for an event or scenario like this was enough to see me or others through it. However I know and feel now that this will not be enough by itself, as you will need to prepare yourself spiritually if you wish to survive it. We need to take full responsibility for ourselves, for our future survival and immediately start preparing ourselves mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually for what is to come. The most important course of action for ourselves, our loved ones and for all of humanity at this time is to start spreading the message of this truth and offering love, light and compassion as the solution. We need to prepare for our personal ascension by cleansing ourselves of any negative energy that is holding us back. Through the use of mediation, by practicing clean living, by removing mental blocks and by repairing all emotional damage, we bring about our own spiritual healing. The worst thing that we can, or could do is give ourselves over to despair, with negative thinking and actions which will surely result in undesirable consequences and defeat us before we even start this process.

I offer this message not out of fear, or for profit; it is instead offered with the hope for your own spiritual preparations and is given to you with much love from me and above.

In Universal Peace, Love, Light, Compassion and Bliss!!

Atkin Michaels

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