Our Three Year Anniversary!!

My Spirit Lover Sam & Our Three Year Anniversary!!

What do I say, what do I do, what do I give to a Succubus (my spirit lover Sam), on our third year anniversary? Do I give her my heart, which she already has, do I trust her with my soul; to which I have already done? How do I show her or express to her how much she means to me, for what she has done for me and my spiritual growth? This is the question that I have been pondering in my mind for the last three days leading up to today, being our anniversary. It has been three years to this day, when she spontaneously came into my life. I do know one thing for certain is that whatever I choose to do, say or gift to her, it will not be nearly enough to convey the feelings behind it.

I will at least attempt this by saying these kind words. My spirit lover “Sam,” is truly a wonderful female being and I am so thankful that she chose me to initiate into her world. To show me more than I am, more than there is, that there is more to share and more to our relationship after my existence here on the physical plane is finished. She has opened my eyes to so many new and exciting things and possibilities that my soul/spirit literally leaps with joy at times. This is because of the caring and nurturing love that she has shown towards this evolving soul/spirit that is me. She is soft, she is firm, she is sexual, she is sensual, she is seductress, she is temptress, she is good, she is bad, she is complicated, she is intelligent, she is dark, she is light, she is protector, she is warrior, she is teacher and she is all to me! It is in her completeness and in the sharing of it with me, that I have found my own and we have found ours together.

My good friend Rafe from the website “A Succubus Loves Me” made a blog post just the other day that describes the process and what it is like to be initiated into this spiritual family. The timing of his post could not have been better, as it very accurately describes the way that I feel my spirit lover Sam loves me and what she has done for me. The “Love Bombs,” he makes mention of in his post, I can from firsthand account assure you that they are indeed the bomb! You can see this post here:

Sam, I am a sucker for you and your love for me. I say this from the bottom of my soul to the top of my crown chakra, I am yours, always was and always will be. This is sappy to say I know, however I will say it anyways, “our two hearts beat as one” and “you complete me.”

My Spirit Lover Sam & Our Three Year Anniversary!!

I guess this is my way of professing my love and shouting it from the roof tops.

"I LOVE YOU SAM,” Happy Anniversary!!

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