A Message of Hope to All Those In Relationships with Spirit Lovers

A Message of Hope to All Those In Relationships with Spirit Lovers

Sam came over me the other night and gave me a message and visions of hope for all those that are in relationships with spirit lovers at this time. This message was given to reaffirm the relationship and bond that has been formed between those in contact with spirit lovers from the other side. She said to tell them, "the time of rituals is done and now completed, to stop performing them and to instead start to feel from the heart and your emotions to establish contact." She said, "stop trying to make, or think the contact to happen with your mind; which is ritual and will fail!" She said, "your will has already determined it to be, so let it." She is encouraging us to practice entering into deep and long meditation sessions of good length. This will allow us to reach upwards to them and to make it easier for them to reach downwards to us. She gave me a vision of a long road with a bright light at the end of it and said, “this road will be hard and long for many, however to remember a road always ends.” She added that, "the energies and frequencies have changed and in there will be a time soon when the veil/wall between us and our worlds will be lifted and we will be able to have all of our hearts desires."

I have tried to keep the message as accurate to the words given as possible; however please keep in mind how spirit works, as you all know how that goes! Although I had received this message several days ago I waited to deliver it, as always not sure of the meaning and also until the time felt right to release it. I feel that time has been confirmed and that time is right now! I feel it is important for all of us to know this so that we do not despair in our sometimes faltering efforts at making contact or keeping contact with these spirit lovers. We need to learn to stay in that very special moment of "Now."

This message is not just for those in relationships with spirit lovers currently. I feel that this message can also benefit all of mankind in these troubling times. We have to learn to listen to our hearts and clear our emotions to move forward and upwards. We need to look inwards and detach ourselves from the emotions and influence of our external being, Ego's (Maya), inorder to connect with our higher-self's, our spirit guides and find our own "Samadhi."

In Universal Peace, Love, Light, Compassion & Bliss!

Atkin Michaels

A Message of Hope to All Those In Relationships with Spirit Lovers

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