An Urgent Message to All!

Updated: May 27, 2020

An Urgent Message to All! - Atkin Michaels

Hello Friends,

I hope that this message finds you and your loved ones well.

What's weighing heavily on my mind as of late and what is my message (updated 2020/05/26 to reflect no longer available YouTube video links)? Well it is the human race and my very deep concern for where we are fast heading and also for what may be lurking just around the corner for all of us. I sense that something is in the air and that we are on the precipice of a major global event of some type and that this event is imminent! Such an event like this has never before been witnessed by our human collective. Or so we have been told and lead to believe by the powers that be, through their corrupted records of mankind’s history. One only has to take a quick look around themselves to realize that things are way out of whack and control in every way upon the entire planet right now. An acceptance to the, "new normal" weather patterns and once in a hundred and now five hundred year weather events. Our environmental woes are adding up and increasing at an unprecedented rate. There is strife among families, friends, nations and countries; with war and rumors of more war. We are living in a world and time of unprecedented greed, corruption and meaningless pursuits for personal gain, selfish pleasures and empty self-gratification. With a seemingly absurd attraction for anything perverse and disturbing. With a focused attention on ourselves and everything trivial that this existence offers. With the many online social media sites, mainstream media and the entertainment industry driving this distracting and dizzying frenzy. As a result all types of personal and social woes and frustrations are on a sharp and stead increase. They are occurring on a scale that has never before been witnessed by our modern society and this generation of human beings living on this planet at this time.

To what type/s of event/s these may be and or occur? There are many possible scenarios for what event is lurking in the shadows just around the corner. Is this imminent event a threat from space with a possible Planet-X flyby? A second Sun, a binary twin to our own, on a long elliptical orbital path, returning every 3,600 hundred years or so. Bringing with it comet strikes, fire, floods and result in a pole shift and all that would encompass. Causing natural disasters that make our current weather and environmental issues look like a sunny day at the park. There is mass flooding, fires, droughts, unnatural weather patterns, freak lightening, major earthquakes and multiple volcanic eruptions happening all around the world today at this very moment. It is a scientific fact that the Gulf Stream has stopped and that the Northern jet-stream has shifted and mixed with the Southern jet-stream. It is a scientific fact that our magnet pole is moving at an alarming rate and our earths protective magnetic field is decreasing. It is a scientific and observable fact that we have, new auroras appearing at the equator that should not be based on our current (limited) understanding of how they occur. We are losing valuable natural resources and plant life at an alarming rate. Many animal and fish species are being threatened, becoming endangered, while others have already gone extinct, with the loss of hundreds of species every single day! Our oceans are dying, our land is sick and our air and water are polluted and poisoned. It is expected by many respected scientist around the world that this trend will only increase this coming year in 2018 and the years beyond. We have to stop for a moment and ask ourselves, are these the early effects of such an inbound system? You may have a serious and sobering reality check moment when you seek the answers to this one very important question.

Perhaps this event will be a "False Flag" with an alien invasion (real or staged). Maybe it will be a disclosure event announced by our world leaders. That will challenge the way we view our current existence, reality and our place in this 3D universe; forever changing mankind's course. Such an announcement would cause major global political, religious and social issues, causing civil unrest on a broad scale. With the very real possibility of causing all major religions and governments to collapse overnight. Leading to anarchy and chaos in the streets, as we struggle to come to grips with our new found reality.