I have been holding onto this vision/message for the past three weeks until I felt it was the right time to release it. NOW is that time! I received this vision, and its accompanying message while on a camping trip on June 5th, 2021. I felt called to sit, watch the sunset, and meditate. It was not long before I entered a very secluded and peaceful space, and a presence with an overabundant sense of warmth, love and light washed over me, which touched me deeply and energetically on a spirit/soul level. There were thoughts and images placed into all aspects of my being. The feelings of emotions imparted unto me while I was receiving this download of cosmic information were warmth, love, light and eternal. The underlining statement to this vision/message was, “SOON!” The connection was not more than about a half an hour, however it felt as if time and space had stood still, giving me the illusion of a much longer contact duration.

The experience left me feeling very emotional and took some time to recuperate from, with random outbursts of emotions of joy, love, peace and serenity, with thoughts of surrender. All of which were accompanied by lots and lots of warm tears. These outbursts of emotions continued after this download and they came over me off and on throughout the evening and the warm and fuzzy feelings lasted into the late night.

One of the pictures attached is of the original hand drawing of the vision/image and the accompanying messaging received, both of which were quickly jotted down on the only available piece of paper I had lying around, my camper’s sales receipt. I have not included all of the message details that accompanied this vision/message, as I was instructed not to at this time and for this venue. The second picture is of the vision received that was later recreated in color with a graphic editing program. This image is more accurate to the colors seen, and the accompanying sense of warmth imparted to me while receiving this vision/message.

I have a feeling, an intuition about what this means for myself and for humanity. I feel this vision/message is of great significance and feel the call to release it NOW.

Wishing All Universal Peace, Protection, Love, Light & Eternal Bliss!

Atkin Michaels

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