The Message

Hello Dear Friends,

I hope that this message finds you and your families safe and well.

This message was originally written back in March, of 2018 and updated, re-polished and added to on 2020/10/16 to reflect the, “no longer available” YouTube video links and current situations in the world. Many videos I had originally shared in this post are disappearing on an almost daily basis now as then new censorship “for our protection” rules kicks in; I have had to delete a lot. I have also had to work harder to find relevant videos to share with you. All of this should speak volumes about what is happening on the internet right now. I apologize in advance if the vised included in this message are no longer available at the time of your reading of it. This is partly why I included variations and multiples of similar topics. The other reason was that not all are of the flavor to most people’s liking and by including more and varied content, more people will open their minds and start on their own road to truth (my guides say that this was on purpose for those reasons mentioned, and among others not yet shared). This message/letter is rather long, you will need to read to the end to grasp the full meaning and complexity of what is being shared. You may choose to not read it at all, and that is fair, however I would ask or suggest that you put it aside for a later date and not delete it (my guides say reading it later is better than not at all).

What's weighing heavily on my mind as of late, and what is my message? It is humanity and my deep concern for where we are heading and of what I feel may lurk just around the corner. After contact with my spirit guides around eight years ago, I have since received many visions and messages of what I believe may be shortly in store for us. With a great sense of knowing, I deliver this message to you and sincerely hope that you take heed of it. I intuitively sense that something is in the air and that we are on the precipice of a major global event of some type and that this event is imminent! An event such as this one has not been witnessed, or experienced by our collective human consciousness. Or so we have been told and lead to believe by the powers that be, through their own corrupted and manipulated records of mankind’s genuine history. One only has to take a quick look around to realize that things are way out of control in every way possible upon the entire planet right now. One only has to take the time to connect the dots and perform some research to draw the same conclusions as what I present here in this message. One only has to look inward asking Source/Creator, their own guides for answers, and a confirmation of this message’s truth and sincerity.

An acceptance of the, “new normal” weather patterns and once in a hundred years and once in five hundred year's weather events. Our environmental woes are adding up and are increasing at an unprecedented rate. There is strife among families, friends, races, nations and countries; with war and rumor's of more war. We are living in a world and time of unprecedented greed, corruption and meaningless pursuits for personal gain, selfish pleasures and empty self-gratification. With a seemingly absurd attraction for anything perverse and disturbing and focused attention on ourselves, materialistic pursuits and everything trivial that this existence here offers. With the many online social media sites, mainstream media and the entertainment industry driving this distracting and dizzying frenzy. Because of this direct barrage on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, many personal and social woes and frustrations are on a sharp and steady increase. They are occurring on a scale not experienced or witnessed by our modern society and the generation of human beings living on this planet now.

Is this imminent event a threat from space with a Planet-X (Nibiru) flyby? Our second Sun, the binary twin to our own, on a long elliptical orbital path, returning every 3,600 hundred years. Bringing with it all that this would encompass, from meteor strikes, fires, floods and finally resulting in a pole shift. Causing natural disasters that make our current weather and environmental issues look like a sunny day at the park. There is mass flooding, fires, droughts, unnatural weather patterns, freak lightening, tornados, major earthquakes and multiple volcanic eruptions, extreme fires, floods, oily skies, receding oceans, sink holes, locust swarms of biblical proportions and now red dust on the moon. All of this is happening around the world today and at this very moment. Why would governments of the world move their operations to safer locations away from coastlines? Why has China created uninhabited inland ghost cities? Seems timely that there are very few flights in the skies right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Are they keeping us from the skies and clear observational heights so we cannot observe this inbound planetary system; at least not yet (my guides say we will see it when it moves to the 3 o’clock position)? I have had many visions of this planet and the destruction it causes on this earth, (my guides tell me billions will perish in the event, however, I wrote it to be millions, as I could not bring myself to except that sad thought). This is in fact one of the very first visions (one that was profound and gave me pause for thought) given to me by my guides. I have had others over the years and all have relayed to me similar scenarios and outcomes. The message included in the first vison was to prepare to ascend, as this event is predestined and is unstoppable. I am happy to share more on these visions with you if you’re interested, just ask.

It is a scientific fact that the Gulf Stream has stopped and that the Northern jet-stream has shifted and mixed with the Southern jet-stream. It is a scientific fact that our magnet pole is moving at an alarming rate and our earth’s protective magnetic field is both decreasing, mutating and splitting. It is a scientific and observable fact that we have new auroras appearing at the equator, and this should not happen based on our current (limited) understanding of how they occur. It is a scientific fact that we have and are experiencing a daily planetary wobble, with no real plausible explanation for it. It is a scientific fact that we are losing valuable natural resources and plant life at an alarming rate. Many animal and fish species are being threatened, becoming endangered, while others have already gone extinct, with the loss of hundreds of more species every single day! Our oceans are dying, our land is sick, and our air and water are both polluted and poisoned. Many respected scientists around the world believe that this trend will only increase in the years to come. We have to stop for a moment and ask ourselves, are these possibly the early “climate effects” of such an inbound planetary system? You may well have a very real and sobering reality check moment when you seek the answers to this one very important question. I have had many messages and visions on this event and feel that this is the key driver for the convergence of all the other events that are unfolding now and ready to unfold.

Perhaps this event will be a "False Flag" with an alien invasion (real or staged). Maybe it will be a disclosure event announced by our world leaders. That will challenge the way we view our current existence, reality and our place in this 3D universe; forever changing mankind's course. Such an announcement would cause major global political, religious and social upheaval, causing civil unrest on a global scale. With the actual possibility of causing all major religions, governments and the economy to collapse overnight. Leading to anarchy and chaos in the streets, as we struggle to come to grips with our new found reality.

What if this event is a global financial banking system meltdown the likes of which in the history of our current monetary system has never experienced before? Causing a global economic crisis bringing all of our so called, "civilized civilizations" to a grinding halt and to their knees within mere days. With all nations becoming bankrupt and its citizens impoverished to the point of mass starvation. The government's sure fired solution will be to force upon us the requirement to receive a mark (chip implant) to buy or sell anything. Like basic life-sustaining staple items, such as bread and water that we depend upon for our very survival. People will go hungry in their own country, in their own communities and in their own homes. Countries have gone bankrupt recently, and many more are about to follow this path. Venezuela is a prime example of what an economic meltdown of this type looks like. This is as realistic and as sobering a picture as we can sadly imagine. One only has to perform a quick online search to discover that the overall global economy is failing right now and is on the verge of a major collapse. When you take a bit of a deeper look, you realize that an event like this is a highly probable scenario.

Could this imminent event be that the genuine danger of WW3 is right around the corner? With a fight for global economic and resource control, with forced population dominance and control by the world's superpower players; orchestrated by the elites and those in power behind the scenes. Will this be the last fight for our planet's diminishing natural resources? Water is literally drying up in places around the world and will probably become the next gold rush. Will we be the chattel and the casualties of these pending resource wars? I am afraid the answer to this question is sadly a resounding yes (my guides say that after the event resources and location will be key and the power players on the planet are maneuvering and posturing now)!

Could the combination of these events be pointing us to and leading us down the road to a literal, “Armageddon” type of event written about in different religious contexts, such as the Koran (Quran), the Kolbrin and Christian Bible? Or a Ragnarok like event spoken about in ancient Norse mythology? These prophesying to a literal, “Hell on Earth,” for those that must suffer through it? With a rapture (my guides say ascension and remind us we must all get there on our own accord and is not a rescue), happening to the purest of hearts, minds and human souls operating in a service to others orientation. With the remaining service to self-orientated souls destined to repeat the lessons on this (my guides say possibly other) third density world. Excluding any religious flavoring that we might add to this, we should ask ourselves one very important and thought-provoking question. Could these events that our ancient ancestors prophesied and wrote about possibly be real, and are they about to transpire and repeat themselves?

Perhaps we might be more fortunate and experience a Wave X type of event. A burst of solar or Sun energy which upgrades our DNA and changes the frequency at which we vibrate at; transporting, (my guides say ascending/ascension again) those that are ready into higher dimensions? Along with the transformation and ascension of Mother Earth (Lady Gaia). Where we live enlightened lives back in the light with Source/Creator, practicing and perfecting love and compassion (fifth dimension reality). Helping other to awaken and start walking the path towards their own spiritual evolution and accession. Be they fellow human travelers, or other universal entities and spirits. Reconnecting with higher-self and the higher collective universal consciousness of love, light, compassion and bliss.

What if this upcoming event is a combination of just a few, or all of the event scenarios I have mentioned above? It may well be that these events come to pass over time in some form or fashion. With one event being born from and spurred on by the other, in an escalating snowball type effect. A very concerning thought for me, is that you're not told or warned about any of these types of events by the government and those in power that you blindly placed your trust in to make such an announcement. They will surely betray you (my guides say they will announce very little, too late, and what they announce will be of little truth and of any real help to you)! A warning would have helped prepare mankind and would have likely united the many faces and races around the world as, “one.” Saving many people, including possibly yourself, your family and your loved ones. Please stop blindly listening to, buying into and believing in the programing, with the lies and false promises that the corrupt government officials are secretly spinning and selling you through their bought and paid for media outlets. They are literally banking on your blind ignorance and obedience to their established systems and the plan/s they have in store for us. Which includes a depopulation of the human species, through any means including: eugenics, AI integration, chem-trailing, food and water poisoning, 5G (now rolling out around the world and in your own neighborhood), cashless society, chip implants and forced vaccinations (this seems timely and likely now with COVID-19) to name just a few among the many of their plots.,replace%20credit%20cards%20and%20cash.&text=Like%20glorified%20smartwatches%2C%20the%20chips,to%20enter%20offices%20and%20buildings.

Any of these events are possibly on our horizon and will probably bring about the rise of a united one world government under the false guise of the, “New World Order” (this is timely, as the UN has just changed its name to the “United Nations/New World Order”). They will be there to “help,” (think enforced mandatory slave labor camps), with the mass suffering and the many global crisis’s that will arise with any of these types of major world events. Which may force us to seek refuge from the same corrupt governments and individuals in power that helped facilitate and conceal this event. Becoming indebted (enslaved) to those that failed to warn us about this event and protect us from it. Imposing upon us a totalitarian state with martial law and other Draconian measures being put into place to keep the, “peace” and keep us all “safe” (at least that is what they will sell it to us as). This will be a false hope for any survivors and will be contrary to any real genuine help that we may have cried out for, to solve or lessen the effects of the world’s problems caused by the event. Whether you seek their help, you may still find yourself branded as their property (chattel). Becoming more of a slave to their system than you are unwittingly already today. You might finally see the bigger picture with your newly opened and widened eyes; albeit sadly a bit too late to do anything at that point to help yourself or others. With predictions made for 2020 and the next few years, by famous and notable individuals like Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, and believe it or not even by the Simpsons; these events could likely start unfolding this year (my guides say this has already started and was not just yesterday).

Personally, I feel, believe and know (this is my truth and may not be yours and my guides say you must find yours soon) that all the above events are operating in sequence with perfectly perfected timing. To bring about a single cataclysmic event to arrive at mankind’s doorstep and usher in a new age for humanity; bringing in the, “Age of Aquarius.” We will leave ego and selfishness behind to find peace and prosperity in selflessness, through living in service to others with love and compassion. We will establish a new bond and relationship with the, “New” Mother Earth (Lady Gaia) and learn to nurture and work with her; not against her. I believe that we are being purposely distracted by politics, the media, and recent world events to forget our place in all of this. So, they blind us to the actual truth and threat that is now inbound on its way towards us, as part of the necessary, predestined plan to awaken humanity, even if has to be a little rough (my guides say when has the birthing process every been anything but powerful and full of duality). Sadly, we will have to go through the pain and darkness before that change transpire/manifests for us on a personal individual level and for all those left behind in third density; there will be no free rides. The awakening and ascension process can be a hard ride. I have provided links throughout this message to support my train of thought on this and to provide you with a flashlight, so to speak. I have presented them here to get you started on your own road to personal truth, freedom and liberation (my guides remind you to solidify the connection to your heart, your mind and your spirit before the event).

I am not sure how much more time I have to get this message out to everyone, how much time you may have left to receive it, or implement a personal protection plan. Before things make a drastic change and all communications, over the internet are censored, removed or fail. So, I have taken immediate action to prepare this message for you now, rather than waiting until later. I write this message hoping to get it out in the little time that is remaining and to as many that will hear its message. While writing this message to you, personal freedoms and human rights are being eroded in many countries; including our own at an alarming rate. With increased attacks on online alternate news and social media sites broadcasting a different message and truth than the false narrative. In stark opposition and contrast to the message being fed to the masses on the bought and paid for mainstream news and media outlets now and on the soon coming, “Beast System.”

I am calling upon you and strongly urging you, for lack of a better term, “to wake up”! As there has never been a singularly more important time in humanity's history as, “Now” to do so. To use your own freed conscious mind to think, search and seek out what those truths are on an individual level. Through the alternative online media sources that are still available to you now, while you still can. There is still some time left for you to do so; albeit I believe it to be limited and running out fast. Similar messages to mine are being given by other watchers on the wall at this same point in time. This in of its self should be enough of a warning alarm to snap you into action. I ask you, even implore you to take a moment and break away from the noisy daily grind that is this current reality. Stopping to listen to your own inner voice from your higher-self and guides to feel your own intuitions and connect with your own heart, thoughts and spiritual being. All one has to do is ask and put out the “call” to receive divine intervention. Everyone has the ability within themselves to tap into Source/Creator Universal energy to find the answers to the questions they are seeking (my guides want to know that they have interceded for you and to let you know your guides are standing by at the ready).

They purposely constructed distractions designed to keep you separated from your own personal truth, power and your spiritual liberation and freedom. Let me also stress that no one including myself holds all the answers, or speaks all the truth for you. You will need to seek-out and through the use of cautious discernment find your own truths that resonate and stick with you. To awaken, you will need to call into question everything around you and everything that they taught you (brainwashed and indoctrinated). Perform your own independent research and with careful considerations arrive at a destination that satisfies what that truth is and means for yourself. Putting the pieces together like a puzzle it will become easier to see the bigger picture that was previously hidden from you. Tying all things together your perceptions about, your response to and preparations for these pending events will clarify (my guides say taking action is key).

Regardless of which of these above event scenarios that may come to pass, one thing is an absolute assured and sad certainty; there will be widespread panic and death among the human populace. With the very real potential of a mass die off of humans, animals, water creatures and plant life on this planet. Which may put us on the brink of extinction as a human species. Therefore, I spoke up and issued this warning now, as there may be no others made for you. I ask you this one simple and obvious question. Do you really want to risk and gamble any chance of survival that you might have for you and your loved ones, by waiting for a public announcement by your government? I am afraid that this announcement that many will wait for and count on, will never arrive. If it does, (I hope and pray that it does, however my guides remind me and you again that this will not be the case) it may be too late to make a difference, or change any course of action already in play.

I used to feel that knowing and physically preparing for an event or scenarios like those I have presented above was enough to survive them. However, I now feel sincerely believe and know that this will not be the case and will not be enough. You will need to prepare yourself spiritually as well if you wish to survive this coming event. We need to take responsibility for ourselves, our loved ones, and for all of humanity, if we are to survive this as a species. We must immediately start preparing ourselves mentally, physically and most importantly, spiritually for what is coming. The most important course of action for ourselves, our loved ones and for all inhabitants on this planet now, is to spread the message of this truth. To offer love, light and compassion to all of humanity as the solution. We need to prepare for our personal ascension by cleansing ourselves of any negative energy that may plague our minds and holding us back. Through the use of deep meditation sessions, by practicing clean living, by clearing mental blocks, by repairing all emotional damage and past traumas; we can bring about our own mental, emotional and spiritual healing. The worst thing that we can, or could, do for ourselves and our loved ones, as the clock is about to strike the twelfth hour, is to give ourselves over to despair and fear. With negative thinking and delayed actions; which will surely result in negative consequences and our own defeat before we have even begun the process?

I encourage you to prepare instead and get your affairs in order; starting immediately. A firefighter prepares and trains for that inevitable call. They trained for such an event well in advance and did not leave it to simple chance. Just as a squirrel prepares for the hard times, by storing away food months ahead of time, as he instinctively knows that winter is on its way. He does not want to find himself in the dead of winter with no food stores. Both the firefighter and the squirrel prepare for what is ahead of them, they do not leave their survival to chance or fate. They both know that an event is coming, and that it is only prudent to prepare for it. An old quote and one that I feel applies here is, "prepare for the worst, but hope for the best." We may not know the exact date, day, or time that this soon impending event is to appear on our front doorsteps (my guides say sooner than later in relative liner time terms). However, we shall all see the signs in the heavens and here on Earth. The ripening of the figs, so to speak; both of which are happening now. A wise adage and one that could not ring truer and be more important for the troublesome times ahead is this, “to help others, you must first be able to help yourself.” On which side of the fence you find yourself after the e will depend your own preparations and your willingness to put in the work to complete them. I feel that surviving this event will depend on these following three very simple yet very important principles:

Spiritual Preparedness - I believe that preparing oneself spiritually will be the singular most important action, to which you must put into place now to overcome this upcoming spiritual battle for your survival.

By practicing living in the moment of, “Now.” By expressing love and compassion towards yourself and towards others will open your heart chakra and will operate in a service to others mindset. By getting in touch with our inner-selves and higher-selves, through deep mediation sessions, rituals and by other spiritual methods and practices. To force a direct and deliberate reflection and light