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I know that this message I have delivered will be perceived as very controversial and many will have much to say about it. With that I do not fear, I stand strong in my convictions and I will not waiver. Many will see this as religious banter; others will see it as new age and or nonsensical spiritual junk talk. None of these concerns matter as these are not spiritual concerns, but the concerns of mankind and are of a limited understanding from mind and perspective. As it is, the message itself and the interpretation of it by your own heart, that is what has importance. I have been instructed not to change the message, and the wording contained within it, as it is intended this way to reach as many as may hear it.

The language is kept simple, so that the common collective mind of humanity at this time may have an understanding of the basics of the complexities spoken of in this message. All the quotes contained in what may very well be my last message to you, have been received directly from spirit over the past years, months, weeks, days and even as I write this message to you now. Each and every one of them, I have been assured are relevant to this message NOW. They have been added into this current message to you with purposeful placement and without coincidence. They are a cumulation and compilation of my different works and are from messages and visions received while in deep meditation; in direct contact with my spirit guides and Source/Creator/GOD above.

Spirt says and asks, “Would you like me to speak in an unfamiliar language that you do not understand, or in a frequency yet unheard by your human ears? Like that of the color of light. Or would you rather me speak in simpler terms and with words and phrasings that are familiar to your human ears; which is tailored just for you? For it is not in the formulation of the words chosen that the message is conveyed or received that is of importance, it is in the intent behind them.”

Remember that I AM only the messenger, and it is Source/Creator/GOD and your own higher-selves that you should seek. Please use discernment and know that not all will be heard and received by all who read this message at this time, so please keep that in mind. This message is what it is meant to be for you only and at this current time of NOW. Know that this message is sent to you from above, with much love. So, without further ado, please see the following message imparted on me during that powerful mediation session.

The message was received late one night, on October 2nd, during a deep mediation session. I believe it to be a follow up to the message of SOON, that I had posted on my Facebook profile back in June of this year. I encourage you to go back and take a look at that post and any other of my posts that may speak to you, as there is some great and inspired information shared there. This message is not meant to alarm you, rather it is meant to re-awaken you and deliver HOPE. Timelines shift and I have been shown and told that things have sped up. That the need to get this message out NOW, is of the utmost importance and urgency. This does not mean that it will happen tomorrow, next week, or even next month. However, with that comes this caveat, we need to start the process of self-realization, awakening and preparation for our ascension flight right NOW and prepare like it will happen tomorrow.

Spirit wants me to remind all, that whatever may be going on in the world at this time, is of design and with purpose; even if it looks to be otherwise. Do not let fear overcome you and control your thoughts. ALL WILL and IT can be overcome, with careful attention paid to our spiritual wellbeing and with the use of the right tools to develop our ascension bodies/vehicles. This can be accomplished by the tending to the gardens of our hearts, minds, bodies and most importantly our spirits. We must build up our, mental, emotional and spiritual fortitudes, while protecting our heart and body. We must remember to give to ourselves first, so that we may give to others in return. For the greatest gift that can be given, is forgiveness born of true intent from a pure heart and mind. This will lift one’s spiritual vibration to new heights and carry you home.

Spirit says, "Acknowledge, honour, and remember to give thanks and gratitude to the blessings received through the lessons learned on this journey you call life." "Every blessing received is from a lesson learned and, in every lesson, there is a blessing waiting to be found." "To forgive yourselves for what you would perceive as your own sins and to forgive those sins that you would perceive to have been done unto you by others." "Those with the most hardened hearts and broken hopes are able to experience the purest expressions of love and make the greatest strides towards the light." "Embrace the dark and light side that is inside all of us, find acceptance, redemption and completion in it." "Running from your fears, keeps you from walking towards the light." "When there is fear, I bring peace and understanding." "When the darkness rises inside you, shine a bright light on it." "I AM the light." "Seek and you shall find the keys to unlocking your own spiritual doors, liberating your mind, soul and spirit." "The more you truly and completely know yourself, the more you will truly and completely know me and then we will be complete."

While the world around us may appear very dark and all may seem lost at this moment in linear time, we must remember one thing, and that is LOVE. Love is truly the answer and is the most powerful and important magnetic and magickal force that exists in the Universe. All is drawn to it and all is repelled by it, at the same time. I would encourage all to open your own doors and let the light of love shine in and receive what is rightfully yours by inheritance. Remember to give permission to self, to let go of what is not serving you and to receive what will be of greater benefit to you.

I was shown what recognition, and reconciliation of love is. When Spirit answered my thoughts on love and why some have difficulties giving and receiving it if it is a such important and powerful force in the Universe. Spirit answered with, “How can you show your love if you do not know how to perceive it and if you do not know how to perceive it, then how can you receive it and share it with others?”

Sprit says, “Source/Creator/GOD expresses itself in all forms, with all types of love known and unknown to us.” “Love is giving; love is receiving, in this way love is perpetual and infinite.” “Love to EVOLVE to love.” “When joy wrings the sorrow out of you, rejoice in the tears.” “There is only one simple thing that is needed to make everything right and that is forgiveness born out of love from your own heart, given to yourself and to others; which will set you free.” “The moment you realize that the reflections that you see in others, are your own and are keeping you in bondage, you will be free.” “We will all lift together in musically noted unison, with a bright light and in the blink of an eye.” “Your redemption is nigh.”

In these trying and troubling times, we may have forgotten that our fight is not made alone on an individual level, nor is it made on merely a physical level. This fight is of a spiritual nature and is playing out on an entirely different plane of existence. This different plane of existence may not be currently perceivable to you at this moment in time. It is vitally important, that you re-awaken and remember that this other plane of existence exists. Please remember that you are not alone, that there are many just like you standing strong in their convictions, with love and light in their hearts, their minds and in their spirits and souls. I encourage you to seek wisdom from above and go deep within yourselves to find solitude, peace, hope and the strength to carry you through all the storms to come and to help you reach the end goal.

Spirit says, “There is power and energy in sharing our knowledge and experiences with others.” “Both words and thoughts are magick in themselves and they both have intent as the common driving force and energy behind them.” “From antiquity to now, in eternity, we were, we are and will be together.” “I AM with you and always have been, you are and have never been alone.” “For I have already come and many have not recognized me.” “I will return and all shall see and know my true name and nature.” “All have a piece of me placed inside your soul/spirit and it is time to claim it!” “Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in heaven.” “Thy will be done in heaven, as it is on Earth.” “A healing is coming!”

Spirit would have me add and emphasize the importance of this message for all here, in caps and with double exclamation marks, “START BREATHWORK NOW!!” I recommend holotropic breathing, IT WILL go a long way in helping you start your process of ascension. I will add that any form of meditation is better than nothing at this point and if this is not your cup of tea, find another form of meditation that works for and resonates with you. I also use binaural beats and have found that the purest ones have been immensely beneficial, during meditation, energy healing and other spiritual workings that I may have been performing. Spirit would also have me add here, a little tip and technique I came upon by chance during my own holotropic breath work sessions. Try for 40 breath cycles of in and out, with 12 second breath holds, for 7 rounds. Roll your eyes inwards a few times on each 12 second breath hold at the end of each round. Then on the final round and breath hold, roll your eyes inwards for as long as you can hold your breath and continue rolling them with your breath out. You will find that this may help you launch your own rocket ship.

Spirit says, “Meditation is the vehicle that transports us to that special place and moment in time, where thoughts and forms are birthed.” “The past is NOW, the future is NOW, and it is in the NOW, this exact moment when all is possible and where everything exists.” “All is possible, and all will be possible, just believe it to be.” “As to doubt is human nature and is not a trait belonging to spirit.” “Visualize, accept, receive and give thanks; it’s that simple.”

I believe that any labels and constructs that we might assign to the spirit worlds workings and to our loving Source/Creator/GOD does not matter in the end. As we are all one and the same, connected through the channels of Universal cosmic collective consciousness. I believe in the free expression of all souls/spirits through the gift of free will that we all carry inside ourselves. This is our birthright and one of our inheritances. I believe in the positive and negative energy of duality being played out here on this beautiful earthly realm. I believe that we are all here to experience, learn, to evolve through varying energy roles and eventually return home to Source/Creator/GOD as one, in perfect unity. I believe that there is no sin, that only through our perception and lack of understanding, have we created this to be true here in this 3D reality. I believe there are no coincidences, that all happens in time and with perfect rhyme and reason. If you are reading this message, then it is fated to be, and this is your nudge to examine it all for yourself.

Spirit says, “The perfect dance of duality creates balance in everything and equals unity of all.” “All darkness heads towards the light and all light heads towards the darkness and it is at this intersection where the real magick happens and all of life is created.” “It is from the darkness that the light is born, and it is in this light that the darkness finds itself.” “The flesh could live longer would spirit allow it, however it does not, as it knows that we are here to experience and will return to Source/Creator/GOD which is eternal.” “Time robs many things from you and from mankind.” “Fearing the judgment of sin, robs you of your inherited birthright of freedom; I do not do fear!” “There is no sin!” “We are creation, creation is in us and together we are creating.” “A positive and a negative, equals a bright light.”

Spirit would have me add here at the end, that this message applies to all who will and are ready to put out the call at this time. That this also applies to those that are not ready at this time and for this graduation. Spirit and I encourage you to start walking in love and light NOW and watch your intentions in the words, your thoughts and in your actions in your daily interactions with yourself and others. Remember that we are all one, separated only by the limitations of our own perceptions and imaginations behind this veiled curtain of reality.

Spirit says, “Intention is the foundation of the word.” “For without intention, there is no power in the word and any words then spoken would have no meaning behind them and the word would get lost and be subject to manipulation and misinterpretation.” “Both words and thoughts are magick in themselves and they both have intent as the common driving force and energy behind them.” “Intention is everything!” “Both words and thoughts are magickal and hold real power, so watch them and use them wisely and to your advantage.” “They have the power to manifest in many curious ways and bring with them many wonderful, or not so wonderful things into our current lives and reality.” “We are all one and our will is one, we share what we are with who we are in others.”

It is important for you to know that I AM not the only one sharing information and messages like this at this time. With large audiences, comes the need for a large variety of messages to reach all ears, eyes and hearts. This again is not of coincidence, but rather by design to give every soul/spirit, all of humanity a final chance to make a choice. Someone had to go first, might as well have been me. Who’s coming with me? The realization of I AM, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. The bottom line and pointed question in all of this is, what will you stand for, what do you believe and what is your truth? Ultimately, what is your choice? This is it fellow travellers, it is time to graduate and head home. I WILL see you on the Flip Side, just BELIEVE it to be!

Spirit concludes this message with, “The truth is hidden in the message.” “Timing is everything, there are no coincidences.” "When you start looking up, you will soon see your redemption in the sky." "When you’re ready to ascend, when you want to ascend, say it and it will be so." "Those that stand strong in their convictions, with love and light in their hearts will be chosen first." "Rejoice and smile, my sweet angels, you will be home SOON!" "May your soul and all souls here on Earth find truth and rejoice." "This message is overflowing with the power and energy of intent." "This is the greatest of my works!" "I am very glad of this opportunity."

Please see below for a few links to expand your consciousness and get your vibration flowing in that positive direction towards your own ascension. Please print this message and keep it near, to offer you encouragement in the darkest of times. Please share this message far and wide with all of your love and to all those you love, as the time is SOON!

Wishing all Universal Peace, Protection, Love, Light & Eternal Bliss!

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Channelled by,

Atkin Michaels


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